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Help choosing skis

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Looking for a little help choosing new skis.  Tough time making a decision, but I wanted to get them in the summer to save $$$


I've been skiing on vacations for years, but only recently moved to Colorado.  I'm used to skiing the frontside and groomers, rode Volkl AC50s @ 177 last season.  I want to get skis that will help me in powder, moguls, and tight trees (the AC50s didn't perform so well).  I ski Summit County.  I'm 6', 170lbs. I've been doing some reading (seen the other threads) and came up with a few options.  


Volkl Mantra

Volkl Bridge

Nordica Hell&Back

Nordica Soul Rider

K2 Hardside

Blizzard Bushwacker



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Sorry, I can't be of much help, not having skied with modern equipment in the conditions you have the luxury of skiing in.   I can say that the Volkl AC50s you have tried are generally apprecieated by folk who like to ski very fast.  Having some experience with skis that feel good skiing really fast, I can atest to the tfact that their achiles heel, so to speak, is their stiffness reqired for high speed sking, which hurts their performance in soft snow and tight turns.  From what I have read, (no experience personally), I would say the bushwhackers are your best bet.  Just don't expect them to work at high speeds.

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The Line Prophet 90/98 are also good options and can be found for a good price around the web.


I demoed the Prophet 90 this year on a 6" fresh snow in the morning and it didn`t let me down. It`s a nice ski, from what I`ve read the 98`s are similar but much more towards soft/deep than the 90s. But that shouldn`t be a problem for Colorado.

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