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Good long underwear for skiing?

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Can someone please send me the link or the name of a good long underwear for skiing specifically? The problems i have with mine are that they always kinda sag down below my belt line. also they get all scrunched up with my socks. I want a comfortable moisture wicking pair with the loops that go under your feet to keep them down or the ones that end below the knee. also what kind of underwear do you recommend? i usually wear silk boxers like i do everyday of the year, but they wedgie and stuff, is no underwear or briefs or compression shorts a better option?

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I have experience with Merino boxers (icebreaker and smartwool) and the Helly Hansen's HH Dry 3/4 bottoms (not compression). I also have a nike running (compression), also 3/4. Works for me.
I think you can take a look at UnderArmor compression, should stay in place.
There are lots of threads about this, hit the search for merino, boxers, 3/4 etc
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I really wouldn't use loops under the foot. They are going to prove very uncomfortablr after a day in ski boots or any other footwear come to that. I use Icebreaker underwear. It's made from Merino wool and is very comfortable, warm and doesn't smell even after  several sweaty days. They do a Men's and Women's 3/4 length pant which comes just at the top of the socks and is ideal. They hold there shape really well too.

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Forgot the link: http://us.icebreaker.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-IB-US-Site/en/Home-Show Mine is the 260 which is the heaviest but I've used other for activities other than skiing. Being Merino wool it stays warm when wet as well.

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Agreed.  I use the same, I have 200 and 260 weight versions.  Definitely look at the Icebreaker merino 3/4 sprint bottoms.  Getting rid of the lower bottoms on the calf works far better at not getting them dragged down, believe it or not.  Less is better in this instance.  They have some elastane/lycra and they're a bit stretchy, so they fit a bit more snug.  Wider waistband, and still have merino so they don't stink and breathe well.  I love them.


I'm not personally a fan of compression UA stuff.  I find it works better for much more active sports like hockey.  Skiing not so much.  Maybe just me though.

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Compression shorts as a skin layer are good. Cloudveil Run Don't Walk knickers are made of power stretch and work for me.
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Power Stretch IS baselayer bacon. 

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. Cloudveil Run Don't Walk knickers are made of power stretch
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You could consider the 3/4 length Stabilyx tights from CW-X.  They have two weights.  Perhaps a little pricey, but some consider them worth it.


As for underwear, I go with something made of a performance fabric.  In my case, that's briefs from Wickers.


Don't put any clothing other than ski socks inside your boots.

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Form fitting long underwear and soft loose boxer shorts don't mix. The extra material in the boxers has got to go somewhere?rolleyes.gif I find some longer legged boxer briefs work great. Under Armour is the best known, Champion sells similar stuff at Target for half the price. I like the high end stuff as well as the next guy but  some typical Polypropylene probably keeps you just as warm and dry. 3/4 length is "special purpose" and usually costs extra. A pair of scissors will make any long johns 3/4 length in about a minute. Get the elastic waist band -  not the waist band covered with fabric - again "too much stuff" around the middle. Camapmor is one good on-line source.

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