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Do Bears Surf

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I was just wondering if we have any surfing bears out there ?

Does anyone hit the waves after the winter maybe heading to South America or other locations to recharge the "warm bones" after the winter.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've been know to hit the waves on the odd occasion. Mostly body surfed as a kid in Australia but the water here is too damn cold....brrrrr....so I tried surfing a bit down in Santa Cruz. It was very weird trying to adjust to being "on" the wave as opposed to "in" the wave.

Hope you enjoy the Aussie summer....hmmmm missin it...oh but its ski season here so I guess I'll survive
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bodysurfed here when i was young...

...and still immortal

but i'm not anymore so i don't, at least not days like this, when "yardsale" meant they'd be sorting you out, not your gear.

was in bali last year and took a ride out off nusa lembongan to the break. not sure i've seen waves (6'-8') any more perfect. (i, um, settled for picture-taking.)

Bali surf

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I surf poorly when I visit relatives in Hawaii (Big Island) It looks so easy.
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I surf poorly when I visit relatives in Hawaii (Big Island) It looks so easy.
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I used to, but the "local" gangs have pretty much ruined it. Too much of a pain.
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Glad to see another surfrat/skibum here in the forum.
I started surfing when I was 13 years old in New Jersey. Yes there is surf in NJ.At one point I and some friends opened our own surf shop in Beach Haven NJ.We never made any money but we had a lot of fun.The trouble was that Uncle Sam thought I would have more fun in Viet Nam. After a stint in The Army I moved to San Diego Calif.where I lived and surfed for more then 25 years.I have surfed in Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico,El Salvador,and Costa Rica.As well as up and down the East and West Coast of The U.S. I love surfing There is nothing like that feeling and freedom that you get from surfing.But life in Califorina got to hectic and crowded and surfing there really lost it's soul.So here I am in Utah and loving life again.
I have to say I never made it down to your part of the world and always wantd to surf some of those jucy right points you have there in Astrailia.
The surf on the Great Salt lake sucks But the skiing here in Utah more then makes up for the lack of waves.
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You gotta remember the Kosseff brothers, Ron DiMenna and Fitz, John Tucci etc.......?

LBI is so changed now.

That was a great place and time to be alive in till that damned low number came in the mail.
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I love to bodyboard the aussie summer here. I'd like to give surfing a go one day too, but for now i'm more than content learning to ski.

Jane.....did you grow up here? Or just visit alot? And i'll tell you what...you do some skiing for me and i'll do plenty of boarding for you
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Tim - grew up in Melbourne and have lived in the US for a couple of years now....just keep extending my stay for one more ski season. but I think this one will have to be the last
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Yuki, Sure I remember them and The Baull Brothers Not sure if I spelled the name right. If You remember Freedom Surf Shop in Beach Haven That was the one Kenny and his Brother Russ Holmesand myself started in 1969.Then I got Drafted soon after. Ken Scott took things over and had a vary successful shop in Beach Haven and Ship Bottom for close to 20 years.It was a great place to be a kid and hang out i have some great memories for LBI. Yuki this is amazing it really is a pretty small world
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Utah: I left for the military in 68 and got sent to hell...... rough duty on Guam .... cold beer and a few good reef breaks..

My son is 11 and I bought him his first board last month...... $120 for a Natural Designs (used) but excellent condition. Looks like now I'll be spending summers hunting boards if he keeps outgrowing them like he has been outgrowing skis.

BTW.... the island is developed all the way to Holgate. Most of the (new)homes are close to $1M. It's not a "po" mans paradise anymore.
The new "trend" is to buy two lots and demolish the homes then build a "Mc Mansion".
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Jane....nice, i really like Melbourne. My bro moved down there not so long ago and he loves it.
Your last ski season in the US huh Hope it's a great one for you I might find myself living in and skiing the US a few years down the track....must be great :
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