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our trip to the Rhone (long)

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I mentioned I was away for a while and promised I would give everyone some notes about our trip.

No skiing but lots of wine tasting and eating our way through the Rhone.
We flew to Lyon, via Frankfurt and actually missed our connecting flight to Lyon (Thank you United!) our flight was late leaving SFO due to a baggage/passenger mismatch. Then when we got to Frankfurt we ran across the airport and got to the gate 10 min before departure. unfortunatly Luftansa closes the gate 10 minutes before departure so we got to watch the jetway pull away from the plane. We rebooked and arrived in Lyon safely but now had to find our hotel near Ampuis in the dark. Very modern Hotel made to look very old.

Dinner in a very smokey restaurant and back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Day 2 we got an early start so we could get to a few Wineries before our Lunch at Le Pyramide. The wineries were Jamet, we tried to get into mouton (closed) dont remember name (closed) Jasmin (closed) a few pictures at a local church and cemetary (my wife is the photographer) and off to the restaurant for a 4 hour lunch. Le Pyramide was wonderful. full lunch 5+ courses with cheese and 3 desserts. We got to meet the chef and see the kitchen!

The rest of the trip was just more wine tasting and eating.

Wineries visited and toured/tasted at.. in no particular order,

Chateau Beaucastel, Domaine Janasse, Chateau De la Gardine, Le Nerth, V. Telegraph, Chapotier, E Guigal, Delas, Rene Rostaing (met Rene was lots of fun), Yves Cuilleron.

We had wine with lunch and dinner every day and visited several wine bars. Stopped at the Valrhonna Chocolate factory and store and for dinner one evening even found a J.L.Chave 1988 Ermitage. Yummm

Of course along the way we stopped for pictures, met with people, visited churches, shopped. etc.. Meals usually took several hours, everything closes from 12-2. It's pretty funny. People could be in the middle of a transaction and 12:00, they stop, close the doors and if they can leave you sitting there. My wife actually got locked in the lobby at E. Guigal and had to wait for us to finish the tour before they let her out. Lucky our tour guide didn't just leave us in the middle of the tour!

I'm finally starting to get back to my normal schedule...
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Sounds wonderful! Do we get to see the pics?
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I'm working on sorting them out. I took over 300 pictures. Don't think you need to see them all! I'll be putting up a mini website sometime soon.
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Tastes like a great trip. Wine & food lifes simple pleasures.

My ex worked for Orlando Wines (Perod Ricard) for 3 years and we ended up with an excellent cellar thanks to the generous staff allowances. I had a wonderful time slowly tasting the lot with good friends after she decided she just wanted to be friends.

Have you ever thought of hitting Oz for a wine and food tour? Oz has a huge wine industry producing many worlds best wines.
We also have some of the freshest and interesting food around. Just a thought.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oz wine tour? I spent a day in Hunter Valley maybe 6 or 7 years ago.

Hey dchan. I see your liver survived the trip. Did you ever end up driving over to Gigondas? I didn't notice Brusset on your list. You need to tell us what you brought back with you.
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no Gigondas/Domaine Brusset , we didn't have the time. The French take way too much time eating so it cut in to our winery visits 2-4 hour lunches really made it hard to get to a lot of wineries. also 1-2 hour tours or tastings limits how many places you can visit.

I brought back 15 bottles. Jamet Cote rotie, Janasse (don't recall exact label) Rene Rostaing cote rotie 95, Beaucastel CDP Blanc and Rouge, La Nerth, CDP Blanc and Rouge, Cuilleron late harvest
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if you can get your hands on it, E.Guigal just released their 1998 Cote Rotie, Brune de blonde. Looks to be a winner. Spectator rated it a 93 drink now or hold. it will continue to get better through 2010!

2001 ten best wines

By the way we tried this at the winery in France. It is wonderful
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