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Armada TST

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I am 6' tall and only 145 lbs and prefer to ski steep and deep. I am looking at the 2012 Armada TST ski. I cant decide whether to go with the shorter 174 cm or the 183cm. I am 15 so ill probably get heavier but i still dont know what to choose. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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IMO, no question at all, the 184. The TST is very quick and nimble and skis pretty short. In this width range, my normal ski is 180-185 but for the TST I'd choose the 192.



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I demoed the 174cm TSTs and loved them. I didn't try the longer ones but the short ones were excellent skis. At 170lbs I do outweigh you a bit. At many times your age we might have different preferences - but you are getting older.


The same day I tried Praxis Backcountry skis 185cm and enjoyed them too (maybe more than the TST). Steep and deep would be fine with either length.



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I haven't personally skiied either length, as I can't stand the topsheets, but according to every review I have seen, I would point you to the 183.

It's regarded as a ski that's pretty easy to turn, and due to the fact that it's a twintip and has some pretty significant tip rocker should make it ski pretty short.

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183 at shortest. My 115lbs 5'6" friend is on the 183 and she loves it
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For sure the 183. They ski very short on firm snow and are a blast in powder.

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Originally Posted by liv2 ski View Post

For sure the 183. They ski very short on firm snow and are a blast in powder.

+ 1 and hello from NZ. I am a 5ft 6 male and approx 145lbs. I got out on my 183's recently and had a great 1st day of my season, apart from the injury late in the day. The length was no issue at all - In fact there was some pretty ordinary snow in places and I was glad of the floatation once or twice. They seem to respond well to standing in the middle and a softly softly approach. Real fast edge change on the groomers too. So far so happy!

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Has anyone skied this and the Volkl Bridge? Slightly different but definitely in the same ball park.

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I own a pair of TST's in 192 and used to own the Volkl Bridge's in 185... They are totally 2 different types of ski. The Volkls are quite a bit heavier than Armadas, and turn very different. the Bridges I had were a regular cambered ski though and have since changed to an early low profile rocker, so the ski has a shallow reverse camber throughout. and the armadas have an aggressive early rise with normal camber under foot, and twin tail. Im not sure what youre looking for in a ski, and what type of conditions and/or terrain you regularly ski, but the TST skis have been great in the Continental conditions. I hope this helps..

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I have the Volkl AC4 178 and TST 192.  If I am forced to ski hard pack all day, the Volkl is my preferred ski.  If the snow is soft (including deep power), the TST is by far the preferred ski.  It chatters too much on hard pack snow.  It is NOT a pure twin tip ski, so if you will be in both power and hard pack, use the TST.  You will (or should be) okay with the longer length.  Demo both lengths if possible.

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