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Kastle MX88 vs Blizzard 8.5 ti - input needed

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Looking for a charger in this width (80 to 90) -   This will compliment current quiver of Bones (daily driver, but not first choice for dry spell periods - not quite as playful in bumps and trees, but decent), JJs (snow over 15 cm.  skis well in trees, bumps, soft crud and steeps, but not well on hard and even worse on ice.  playful with the ability to ski old carve or new school smear),  Rossi/Atomic SL and GS race hand-me-ups from my race kids (use these when stuck at hill that only has man-made snow or for race training course that I periodically take - love the speed, precise control and g-forces on these - workable in bumps and chop, but really not what these are intended for. also want to keep the bases nice - so picky about where I take these skis).  I also use a 178 Scott Mission as my rock ski, (really like this ski with the 14 meter radius - very playful ski, but getting rather beat up).


I want something that will rip the groomers, but also work well in crud, bumps and trees.  This ski will be used on dry spell days when the snow is a bit hard, and will be doing groomers/bumps all day). Demoed the MX88 in a 178 last year and loved it, but was on hero snow that day - this ski is on my short list.  Demoed the APEX in a 175? and didn't like it (perhaps wrong ski for the day and the hill - crusty hard conditions at Kicking Horse - skiing chutes, trees, etc with very variable snow - felt I over-skied the ski and was much happier when I switched to the Bones.)  Although I looked for a ski in this category last year, I never made the leap. 


I've read various reviews of the MX88 and 8.5 - both sound like what I'm looking for -  Any thoughts or suggestions of others skis??


The days are getting shorter - time to think about skis, eh?

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Skied the 8.5ti for the better part of a morning on hard snow and thought they were pretty nice, held well, etc.. Thought they'd make a dandy teaching ski for sure. Haven't skied the Kastles, but there are too many people raving about them to doubt that they'll work pretty well. The 8.5's... I'm 205... they were very nice but had a bit of a speed limit at my weight as compared to my regular ride, the Rossi E98. Conversely, the E98 isn't as popular with lighter skiers. In the end, I still prefer the E98, but could certainly happily live with the 8.5's if I had a 105-110'ish ski in the garage as well, which is exactly what you have! :) 

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Have skiied both quite a lot. I also own Bonafides as a daily driver. The MX88 is much more of a hard snow biased ski while the Mag 8.5 is more versatile but less grippy and less less damp. Out in the West, I'd choose the Magnum. For the East, I'd choose the Kastle.



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I would add the MX83 to the option mix if you are looking for a complement to the Bones. 

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I find your list of wants for this ski unrealistic. Skis that handle firm groomers or chop are seldom also money in bumps. Yep, the MX88/83 will be the best for grip and refinement on groomers (agree with Phil about the 83 giving you a little more separation from the Bone), and it'll be good in open groomer chop or bump fields as long as the snow's yielding. But sorry guys, it's not the greatest ski out doing hard bumps in trees, which is a whole different animal, and what the list also foregrounds. That tail is too stiff and square. Nor is it superb in heavy chop at speed, cuz of that nice low mass tip. Cannot speak to the 8.5Ti.


So if you like your Scotts, why not get another pair? Or wait until September and get a pair of Outbound 87's that'll give you a great all-around ski with more flex and dampness than your Bones. If you like more beef, the Elan Apex is another ski you might look into, cheap right now, very nice all around with a smooth, GS-ish feel but enough flex (and early rise) to play nice in the trees. Next season's REVO 85 has been getting good attention as an all-around for variable snow, might be worth a look. 

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how does the enduro 850 stack up 

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