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Bindings for fat skis?

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I recently picked up a pair of "slightly used" fat skis (Volkl G41s) for next year. Unfortunately, bindings are not included. I'm thinking of just getting a pair of S900s with a standard lifter plate, but don't know much about different binding brands. I usually ski at a DIN of 8.5 - 9.0, so I figure the DIN should max out at no less than 12. Any suggestions on bindings that work well for a fat ski? Also, I can't find much information regarding the difference between the different types of S900s that are out there. (poweraxe, carbon, equipe, etc.) Thanks for your help.
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Don't know the specifics but I looked a little into this last year.
Salomon s900
Spheric design same for all models. no straight up toe release however twisting up does release. when the binding reaches release pressure, the spheric design actually pulls the AFD away from your boot so there is no binding contact under the toe. 0 friction.
As for models, I'm told the recommended binding for fat skis does not require lift or extra pressure on the tips/tails so Poweraxe and lifters not too important even considered detrimental by some.
Carbon- Lighter version of the same binding. Lighter materials same springs.
Equip, Same equipment heavier springs for higher din (up to 14 or 16 don't remember which)

Short answer, if you need the lift for carving on grooms get them. If you are planning to ski them short, the poweraxe may help a little but probably not. Save your money and get the s900 regular or carbon if you want less weight.

My opinion. and no I do not work for Salomon.
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I have the s900 PE (power axe)/X Scream series and am quite happy with them too. (small lift) FYI the recommended by Salomon however is s900 or equiv (carbon, ti, race) now for the X Scream series. I guess it might be an s910 or 912 now..

The difference on rental/demo bindings is the fact that the toe piece usually has a movable location as well as the heel. More parts, hence heavier. The movable toe allows the rental shop the ability to keep the boot sole centered or in the correct place. When you have regular bindings mounted, the toe piece is usually fixed. if you got a short person (short ski) with big feet the binding would be set too far back on the ski for optimal weight distribution.
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Thank you, kind sir.
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One thing to consider is you will get a longer warrantee on you skis if you get new Marker bindings. That said, I prefer the Salomon S912 (which replaced the S900) over the Markers. I have some top of the line Markers (9.1 Titanium Logics) on my Supermountains & I had all sorts of problems with the heels pre-releasing. I have Salomon S900s on my 3 other pairs of skis and have not had any problem.

PS - Besides adding weight, demo bindings affect the way the ski flexes more since they have a long track with screws further out than normal bindings.
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I don't have fat skis but my understanding is you will need a special/different kind of break (that comes out farther, maybe even has more of a surface area). Is that correct?
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It's not a need for more surface area, most standard brakes just don't fit physically around the waist of the ski. they just need to be made wider so they stick out past the edge of the ski. If you used brakes that stuck out on regular skis they would drag on the snow if you got enough edge angle. Or you would have a "boot out". No fun at high speeds on hard pack...
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Aaaahhhhhhh... I get it.

Yep - I would assume booting out would pretty much suck.
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Thanks guys - that was helpful. Rio - I'm buying the skis "slightly used" so the extended warranty is not an issue. I'm favoring Salomons over Markers based on comments from people on this and other boards.
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Had problems with this this year in that my Look P8s on my X-14s on the inside edge of the break is being wore way from contact with the edge. Not a big deal but. If they had been bent a little before installation would not of been a problem. On my wife's powerkarves less of a problem so they must of bent them as her skiis are slightly wider under foot.

Just bought a pair of skis that are 78mm under foot so I made sure before I bought them and the bindings. I talked to the guy in the shop how they were going to handle it. Got the binding out , put it on the ski and yes a different brake would be required. Getting the new set of brakes has taken time- about 3 weeks. Shop has to get them from the Rossi rep. So if just getting bindings and install may have to talk nice as fair bit of work to do it the right way rather than just bending. Make sure they know that you know they should get the fat boy brakes.
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thanks. yeah, sized my markers up last night to the ski (also 78 waist) and will have to get different brakes, too.
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I would tend to think if a heel were releasing early there must be something wrong with the heel of that binding, not an inherent characteristic of it. I have Markers and have never had a problem with them at all. I would guess that whether a binding allows more or less flex due to screw placement or whatever would mean milliseconds difference in a race but negligible for all mountain skiing escept in certain situations.
This may be analogous to golf clubs. Get a decent set and we do fine. If we aren't on the circuit with Tiger, playing for a multithousand dollar purse, why then must we go out and buy a Calloway driver for $600+ just to get 5 more yards out of our driver? Is the extra money worth the yardage gained? Is the really spendy, top of the line race binding worth the extra milliseconds saved?
If I drive to the store once a week for groceries I'll buy a VW not a Ferrari! So why did I get the M51 Turbo SC's? ans: coudln't afford the Ferrari so I got a Porshce! bwahahaha
Bottom line- if you want them, get them! My older daughter and I have Markers. My younger daughter and wife have Salomons. Long ago I used to have a set of Geze Star-Step bindings. Anyone remember those? There was a lever you threw backwards which would move your heel out of the way for feel heeling, then back forward to move the heel back into position for downhill! This was pre-din days.

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If you want to go with the markers, Marker makes an after market brake, ca they call em dragon brakes, longer/wider one for lifters and also for fats.
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I got s900 carbon poweraxes put on xxx's last year. They work amazingly well but I had problems getting the extended brakes. Salomon has a line of fat brakes you can get but mine were back ordered for just over 4 months. Now that shouldn't deter anyone, it did take forever but it was so worth the wait.
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I have Salomon 912ti's on my AK Rockets and I just bent the arms on the brakes enough to clear the side of the ski. The work fine and the brakes retract enough to keep from hanging up.
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To Rio and interested others;

Marker heel pre-releasing. had the same problem, especially on the steeps, so I "kicked it up another notch" problem solved. to those of you who don't know how to or don't already set the "DINs" on their skis, take them to a professional and learn how to do it properly.
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Wink -

I did kick mine up another notch and that did solve the problem. I also tested the bindings after setting them higher to see if I could still pop out of them using my own strength. They've been fine since, I just think its flaky you have to set them higher than the recommended DIN to get them to perform right.
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Ze Salamon s912 on my Igneous had stock brakes zat I bent out vith my big muscles und they vork fine.

I vould NOT recommend the s912 Ps- the PS stands for Piece of Scheiss. Ze toe prerelease vay too much even vhen maxed out on 12.

Instead I vould go vith ze s900. Ze Poveraxe has a steel connector zat adds stiffness to ze area under ze bindings. also Carbon is lighter zan ze standard s900.

Bottom line- stick to s900s, stay away from s912s and Marker crap unless you like to prerelease at high speed or in critical situations. You should be fine vit bending out the stock Salomon brakes for fat skis up to 90mm waist.
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ryan, I've had the Rockets with the 912ti bindings for the last part of this season. My friend who does Salomon Pro Sales does this all the time with his personal skis. We haven't had any problems with pre-release but maybe it's because I don't try to muscle the skis like Arnie.
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Its now going to take a month to get the fat brakes from Rossi as their out of stock. It'll be funny carring out my skis in June. Probably get get some stupid comments. But I did give the shop guy ( even though works for a chain very good) another chance to say bending would be ok but no would be too much of a hack job for him. Thes skis are only 78mm under foot but with the Rossi brakes bending does seem not to be a good option.
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I must have been an inherent problem with those Marker heels. I have seen many posts, here and other ski forums, complaining about Marker heels pre-releasing under what should be normal stresses. I am not sure if the problem still persists with their bindings over the last two-three seasons.
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Wink -

I have been using Markers for years and have had them on successive pairs of slalom skis that were mainly used for skiing moguls with little problem. All the Markers I've had before were the racing model with a conventional heel. They always were set at 8.0 or 8.5 with no problem.

The Markers I'm having problems with are 9.1 Titanium SC2s which are not the racing model. I would love to see how these heels test out at 9.5 compared to a racing model at 8.5.
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