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Mont Saint Anne WC

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Here are photos I took during qualifying today. I made the cut pretty loose since there were a lot of local heroes making their World Cup debuts.


Wait til you guys see the XC course tomorrow, I hope I can create an accurate representation of it. I was pretty unexcited about it, but I think it's gonna be nutty.


DH finals on Sunday and timed practice tomorrow. I hope people are going to bother to practice, and I won't be out on the course with nobody to shoot.

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It rained a lot last night and then had a few downpours today. Practice was moved from 9:30 start to noontime. The course seems to have held up well not much grease on the rocks, and the open sections seemed to have just sponged up the water.

Danny Hart threw down a near race speed run first thing. Like a half hour before any other riders even started. Gee and Beaumont looked to be running full throttle, and there was a little train of Syndicate and Lapierre riders. Some of the others were being studious - like the Warrens.


Here are DH pics -


I took a few XC pics too. Will post later.

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XC pictures not a lot because DH and XC overlapped. Also, it was raining super hard for a lot of the XC race. I got a nice shot of the battle for the lead through the trees though.

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Damn, a little practice is really making a difference with the panning shots. Strong work.

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