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Game on South Amercia- Portillo, Valle Nevado, LaParva and Las Lenas will be all open by this weekend.

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Look like a good start to the season following some 2 foot plus storms over the past week. Condtions look pretty good. Report on TGR was that LAs Lenas is off to a good start with more terrain opening.


Grab yer' boots and go. 

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Looks like a much better start than last year!


today was opening day at Valle Nevado







Portillo opens tomorrow...




And Nevado de Chillan still needs a couple more storms, but they also got some good snow:




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I've seen some pics on Robin's wall from Portillo that are pretty amazing.  Looks like they're having a good winterbeercheer.gif

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I think right now the best conditions are further south.

From what I heard, after a great start in June, Portillo, Las Lenas and Valle nevado got basically no snow in July...

I'm starting to get nervous since I'm headed to Santiago for the second half of August mad.gif

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Keep us posted. fingers crossed for you. Seems like this is a good omen for us.

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This is a promotional video for Ski Portillo, but its  some pretty good stoke, and you get to see Robin's classic smile. 


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not pisting on the piste but they are showing an 18" base..... 


Go south my friend. 

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Yep, my original plan for August was to ski Cerro Castor, in Ushuaia. But then came this work trip to Santiago and I right now the only thing I can do is snow dance... 

I know that even if we get a couple feet of snow, it won't cover all the rocks, so of piste skiing will be skeptical at least.


I guess this video was shot during the first week of the 2012 season, probably about 1 month ago. Great stoke and great skiing by the way!

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Here's an Unofficial Networks article and movie Three Weeks in Argentina. 

Making lemonade out of lemons. 


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BTW, word is that it just snowed a couple of feet in Portillo with more expected.

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Did you hear that from a local source? biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Did you hear that from a local source? biggrin.gif

Why yes, a little birdie told me smile.gif.

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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

Why yes, a little birdie told me smile.gif.

A Robin, perhaps........

Game on, in deed!

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just arrived home from la parva this morning. it snowed lightly tuesday, wednesday, then on thursday they received about 8 inches. a steady improvement, however the best coverage is still on the existing trail network. there has been a ton of wind shearing so the ridges and spines have little to no snow. found that out the hard way!


the storm seems to have provided better coverage in portillo, which i heard claims they received about 80 cm. the magic of micro climates. i saw pictures of portillo on facebook this afternoon that looked really good compared to the beginning of this week.



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Went to Valle Nevado Sat and Sun and Sat was the best day of the season, by far, although also the most crowded. As starthaus said, we received quite a bit of now this week. At the top I would say close to 80 cm (2.5 ft). I ventured off piste and was rewarded with some nice first tracks and lots of rocks. Oh well, as we used to say at the ski shop back in the day, that's why God made p-tex.

Here are a few photos.




We're supposed to get a bunch more this coming week.

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did you get back into the Olympic bowl or over to LaParva?  

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Here's a picture of Valle Olimpico



In case you weren't aware, El Colorado put a surface lift up Valle Olimpico this year and basically claimed it as its own. I never knew this (been here 13 yrs), but it's been theirs all along, you just had the only good access from Valle Nevado. From Valle Nevado you take the ridge from skier's right after getting off Andes Express and cruise over. There's a gate at the normal entry point, around the back of the top of Andes, and you can only go through if you have purchased the combo pass. It had nice snow in there, above boot top, but I hit some rocks at the top.


Didn't make it to La Parva, I have a season's pass to Valle and don't feel like spending any extra to ski there.

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thanks, No I have skied it and it's a lot of fun but didn't know if was part of Laparva. The lift is a nice addition.  I much prefer LaParva overall, much better terrain there. I am looking forward to getting back on hitting some of the newly opened "side country"  area. We have done a bunch of traversing around the ridge line on that access road that is always marked closed. Some of the hike to stuff is awesome. I would like to go hit La Chiminea (or however its spelled) 

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AndesRder, that is looking pretty nice in Valle Nevado.


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its a must do for sure. I know what he's talking about the rocks lurking beneath.  The rocks are a very fine shale a lot like Big Sky. they get churned up easy and make a very nasty mess of your skis with a lot of loose thin sharp shards.

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Finndog, it was the resort El Colorado that put the lift up into Valle Olimpico and not La Parva. La Parva has added some new runs. My personal opinion is that none of the three resorts right here in Santiago are that great; actually none in Chile are that great. Don't get me wrong, you can have lots of fun, and I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from the N. Hemisphere in coming down here to get in some skiing in the middle of summer and just enjoy what will be an incredible experience, but I live here and am spoiled. I'm from Idaho and went to the U of U in SLC, and my last few years in Utah I lived and worked in Park City. There is just no comparison between the resorts down here and any in the awesome Wasatch. However, the Andes mountain range has way more to offer than the resorts and if you really want to get some once-in-a-lifetime skiing in, you could either spend the big bucks and go heli-skiing (ex: http://chileanheliski.com/). Valle, La Parva, and Portillo also offer heliskiing. There's also a cat ski operation called Ski Arpa http://www.skiarpa.com/, which makes a nice combo with Portillo because it's up that way. I've gone several times, and they do a great job and have experienced guides either from N. America or Australia. The owner, Anton (Toni) Sponar is a 72 or 73 yr old Austrian that has spent his other winters in Aspen since the '60s, I believe, and is quite a character. My first day there, he went up to the top towing behind the cat while we road inside.

Or, you could go AT, which is what I'm about to do.

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sorry I didn't read very closely.  My friend did Arpa and loved it. I hear there's almost a real road going in there now?  I still think over by St Terissa and the hike traverse to stuff on Laparva is decent. They did hold the extreme comps there for the past couple of years.  LaChiminea has a tribute to Shane at the top   


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Nice pic. Oh yeah, and it's "La Chimenea" - obviously translated to The Chimney - and aptly named.

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not my pic!  cheers and I hope you get more fresh!  I did love coming off the lift at the top; Andes Express I think, and you can duck under the chairs and ski down that chute under the lift.  That and over to the right, (top of eclipse, just reading the trail map) had some good stuff. 

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I might have given you the impression that I prefer Valle Nevado. I have had a season pass there for 4 yrs now only due to the fact my daughter's school started participating in an association that has a contract with Valle and we get half price season passes and an even deeper discount for ski lessons every Sunday. Otherwise, I would definitely spread the wealth around. If you ever get back down here, give me a shout beforehand and we can make some turns.

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