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Slytech Backpro Lite- '12 model features

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Quick question,


I can't find a detailed descrip of these online and am looking to pick one up for my lady. 2 questions.  One, does the tailbone protector detach from the upper portion of the pad on this model or is it all one piece?  Two, is there anywhere that has specific lengths in cm.'s or inches.  She's got longer legs than torso and I don't want to pick up the medium, according to Slytech's online chart, if the small would be better. 


Any help would be great. Appreciated in advance.

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Start Haus carries them. Let me do some digging and see if I can find you some info or find you someone who does. 

In the mean time, you are better off having her try them on to make sure they fit correctly.  I know when I was at the shop, there were a lot of kids who's dimensions seemed to fit one size but another size fit better, especially when the skier is in between sizes. 


I do believe that the tailbone protector is attached. 

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thanks Trek, cool of ya, but I found some info on the sizes.  If anyone else needs it let me know.

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    I have the regular model before the Slammer style came out. I bought mine from Suburban Sports. Kewl Cat Peter found someone my size and had him try it on. The Med. was the size i needed, i am 5' 8" , 170#s . I think that if i was 5' 9" it might not fit. The brace showed up and seemed liked it wasn't the type of body Armour i wanted ( i need back surgery), it was too lite. That's because it was the Lite model labeled Reg. I sent it back and had to wait for a replacement from Italy. When it showed up i knew this was "The Goods" ! About twice as strong and thick as the Lite model. It comes with Velcro attached shoulder straps which to me seemed bulky so i removed them. I wear a jacket or t-shirt over it and it keeps it in place. It has a Velcro waist band that it i were to have a beer belly i would have to have to add more to the waist band because it is almost at its end of its adjustment. The Butt protector is also Velcros on and it feels like a huge wrinkle stuck in my boxers so i removed that. If i was a Park Boarder Trash type i would keep it on. I had a blue-white blue-white fall at Summer Camp a few seasons ago and after i stopped drooling on myself i realized that my back came out fine. My neck and other parts of my body hurt. If there were clouds in the sky i would of never know which way was up as i did cart wheels.

     When i 1st tried it on it was very stiff ! After a few minutes it feels like a cotton shirt, very kewl. It keeps my back warm like a heating pad and i no longer have to pop pills to ski. Down side it get hot to wear during  Race camps and spring skiing is rough. I have not found a way to wick away the heat yet but i am still trying diff. layers. In my case i think the Lite model would not be the way to go.

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