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Arizona Wins World Series!

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The fact that the Yankees got as far as they did -- within two outs of winning -- was due to sheer force of will. Arizona outhit and outpitched us, and clearly had the better team (as did Seattle, but they're a bunch of chokers).

And now, let the dismantling begin!
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As an Indians fan you learn to hate the Yankees early but I have to give them their props. They earned my respect in this series.

Congrates to AZ!

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Yo Yo Yo Yo D-Backs!!! :
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Mo isn't a god, after all. Doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I remain grateful for all the joys they brought and sorry that the time has come to turn the page, which perhaps now is a bit easier considering the lack of hitting in this series. AZ deserves its props for winning and I appreciate those who still give them to my team (as I give them) for all they have done.

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at any rate, it was a helluva series; the best i've seen.
at least you're keeping soriano. that kid's going to redefine "complete 2nd baseman." wait'll he discovers the weightroom. he is going to be phenomenal for a looooooooong time. and don't think george is ready to settle for NOT being in the series. he'll reload and be ready to go with a new squad next year.

what's the word on torre?

what a series....

edit: i'll STILL take nomar BUT jeter really showed me something. a great and complete ballplayer. it isn't often someone can have a statistically "mediocre" series and still seem as if he could've been mvp.

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I couldn't be happier. Man that was a beautiful thing - to see the D'backs win!

Edit: Just so you don't think I'm being rude to NY let me say I made this comment because I felt AZ played a good series. It was great to see the team overcome NY's incredible pitching.

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Watch out... Steinbrenner is on the warpath, and will replace overpaid deadbeats like Justice and Knoblauch with real players.

And, beyond my hometown affinities, it was nice to see someone else win for a change... plus, we have the pleasant memory of humiliating a 116-win team in five quick games.
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Ya, for a rookie, Soriano did a lot of things right. But the first thing I'd do if I were George is hire Donnie Baseball as a batting coach and fire whoever claimed to be helping these guys hit. Then Soriano and Mo need to hit the weightroom with Roger some (and Roger has to kick a little Pettitte tail too; who woulda figured El Duque would outperform him).

Don't know who will be salvageable. I just want to recognize my team next year, starting with the guy at first base. Pul-eeze not Giambi! Bad enough to miss Paulie!

Are the Sox keeping Nomo or what?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jamesdeluxe:
plus, we have the pleasant memory of humiliating a 116-win team in five quick games.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Okay - I'll bite:

We weren't humiliated. We had a great year and all your attempts to salvage your pride by putting us down won't change that.
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Sorry. I couldn't help myself. What happened to the M's? Everyone in the northeast had conceded the pennant to them way back in June.
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jdeluxe, I don't think the M's were humiliated by NY. The M's need to learn how to turn it up in the playoffs and we are short a power hitter (don't bring up Payrod) and a dominant hard throwing starter. With those two additions we can compete with any team I watched this season. Not every city can buy a championship team every year.
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a new hitting coach, respectfully, ain't the answer. justice didn't forget how to hit. knobby, either. that's a scapegoat search. you get up there against schilling or johnson. tv doesn't come CLOSE to simulating what it's like standing in there against guys that don't just throw pure gas but might also knock you on your ass or snap off a slider, splitter, change, etc. hitting is TOUGH. success is NOT the norm. good pitching will cause slumps. look at what rivera's done. i mean, he got beat last night but hey, THAT'S the guy you want in there because he flat-out overpowers professional hitters.

i'm surprised you got on pettite. i'll take that guy ANY day. they're all human, they're all gonna lose. seattle also got beat 40-something times. the playoffs are a DIFFERENT world. the thin pitching in the bigs that allows half the league to hit 40+ homers is gone; you have to face REAL major league pitchers instead of guys who are really AAA pitchers, at BEST. there's a reason barry bonds hasn't done so well in the post-season.

anyway. hats off the yanks. a great team with greater character.

how 'bout nomo for andy? come on, PLEASE.
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I used "humiliated" because the M's were a far better team than the Yankees, case closed.

As for buying a team... yes, it's true that the Yankees -- fat from all that local TV revenue -- always have the most expensive payroll. But honestly, what kind of "championship team" did we have? Three certified superstars: Jeter, Clemens, and (forgetting about his final inning meltdown last night) Rivera. The rest of the team is average at best. Arizona and Seattle had them beat at practically every position.

I'm no great fan of the laconic, morose, slow-to-react Joe Torre, but either through closed-door pep talks, hypotism, or giving them intravenous YooHoo (NYC chocolate milk in a can -- "Shake It - It's Great"), he's been able to motivate them to play WAY over their individual abilities.

Once a team starts winning (96, 98, 99, 00!!), it takes major scratch to keep the team together... even dogpoop players like the aforementioned Justice and Knoblauch can start asking for way more than they deserve. Next thing you know, you have the most expensive team in baseball, but that doesn't make them a pre-packaged championship team (look at their batting stats).
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Actually the hitting coach IS a beginning because the guy they brought in, Gary Denbo, was next this past year (up from AAA I believe); they fired Chris Chambliss, which perhaps looks pretty stupid right now. During the season, when Tino was not swinging well, Don Mattingly came in from Indiana to help him. THAT says a lot about what wasn't happening with the hitting coach. I'd like to see Donnie take the job permanently, but he'd likely not want to travel with the club. A number of players had a subpar hitting year and it seems to me the coach can be a scapegoat but also was part of the problem or didn't solve whatever problems existed before he arrived.

Pettitte two subpar (to say the least) WS starts and an up-and-down year. He SHOULD be better and everyone expected he'd give a good game 6 performance and didn't. That's why, relatively speaking, El Duque was hugely better in his 1 start and probably deserves another contract (I'm sure if he doesn't get it SOMEONE -- maybe the Sox -- would want him, given his ps stats especially).

THe NYY did not look like my team for much of the WS, but they had fits and starts all year, so it's sorta not surprising. But usually they played well when it counted. Hence, time to start assessing the reasons why, and I'm sorry but making Anderson and Batista look like Schilling and Johnson was because of poor hitting, not great pitching.

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Arizona outhit and outpitched us,



I could use a new pair of skis & bindings. Help me out, you millionaire.

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Hey Gonzostrike, leave the baseball analysis (and the comedy) to US professionals, here in NYC!

Here's a great article from the Village Voice backing up my earlier points about the 2001 Yankees' mediocrity:

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Talk about sour grapes, I guess you have the right to be cheesed when you pay any amount to get ball players and you don't take all the marbles every year. The Yankees have a good team and were one very close game away from winning the series.
Maybe it's not the Yankees that people really hate, it could just be the arrogant attitude of the fans.
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iro-ny: the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning.

Yo Lucky, relax... do we have to insert one of those faces ( [img]smile.gif[/img] : ) every time we make a joke ?

I know you're feeling a bit low after what happened , but come on, it's only baseball. Last time I checked, talking trash was part of the fun of following professional sports teams.

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to give you a perspective on how this plays in the world market!

Every night in France we kept asking the inn keepers, hotels, restaurant owners if anyone knew the status of the world series. CNN was checked where ever we could find it. We finally found out that there would be a game seven. no scores.. just that it was going to game seven. Then we got up for breakfast on our last day in Chateneauf du Pape, and last page of the sports section in the international herald french edition, there is a 4 line article about the world series. with the final score and series score of 4-3. While front page large article about Regine Cavagnoud, and full front page in the sporting section. Parade down the main streets funeral procession. Honor guard.. the works.

Just an observation. Congrats Arizona.
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James D,
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