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VOLKL Kendo?!

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Hi, im jad and this is my first post here.


I'm and intermediate/advanced skier looking to improve. And Iv been using whatever ski i can get my hands on since i was 11, im 19 now. Last summer i bought myself a pair of volkl Kendos 163cm, a Marker Duke binding, and a pair of salomon Quest 14 boots. I am  207lbs and 5'7'' (i think, im 174cm). This set was suggested by my uncle, and is my first actual set. i Ski 70/30 (on/off). I really loved the ski but i dont have that much to compare to. 


I'm lebanese, and havent skied outside lebanon yet. Im comfortable with red slopes, black (at slightly slower speeds), and we have one ungroomed double black run that is open a few days a year that I have done numerous times. 


So, any thoughts about this set? I think my skis are a bit too short, but Its the length im comfortable at. i want to bump it up to 165-167 on my next skis? 

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At your weight, you may want to consider the 178. As you progress, the added length will offer you more stability at speed.
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Hi...My name is Jimmy Mac.  I have taught for 10+ years at Mt.Rose in Reno Nevada USA, and sold skis at most of the major sporting good retai chains here in Nevada and California.  Way to go the Mid East !! Right ON!!  As far as the Knedos...great ski, just ordered a new pair fo 2013 ! 


I am 5'7" and 155 lbs.  I too started short...skiing the 165cm's.  Its a great way to learn as the smaller the ski, the smaller the "sweet spot" or the point of balance.  The end result of being on shorts is (1) Way better balance skills, (2) the ability to use the inside ski as much as the outside ski. 


The "old school" way of teaching was to put/shift weight {pressure} to the outside ski while turning.   While some weight change occurs while we turn the new goal is to have your weight as close to 50/50 as you can.  With modern shaped skies we edge and rotate BOTH feet in a turn...making consistant edge contact.


Since you have been tearing it up with the 165' should be able to really "carve" your skis..and by carve I mean be as much on the inside ski as the outside.  Now to get you to that expert level...I would add some length for sure.  At least go up to the 177 and even look at the 184'cm's especially with your weight and guess is that you are in great shape and can really generate some energy into the ski.  


If you came into my shop I would try to get you on the 184's and mount you 1.5+ up from boot center.  Remember the Kendo is a "Flat" can mount the binding any where.  The "Boot Center" is just the manufactures suggestion based on a formula.  The farther up from "Boot center" to "True" center that you go the more the tail stays engaged in the turn.   "True" center mounts are really best for park and pipe use where spinning and switch landings are common. Going 1.5 or 2 + Boot for you on a 184 will put you more into the "shovel" of the ski and make it easer to turn and deal with the length, without causing a difference in the turn release.  If you go for a 177cm...I might put you +1 but no more than that.


Hope that this helps....

Have fun..

And in what ever way you Pray....Pray for Snow !!


Jim (Jimmy Mac) McAndrews.

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