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Season 2012/13

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Hey guys, i am an Australian 25 year old male, who has decided to leave my job and rediscover my passion for skiing. Essentially i will be heading over to either Canada or America (havent decided yet) to ski from January to seasons end. I qualify for the J-1 Visa, and also for the canadian working holiday visa, however i do not necessarily need to work as i should have enough money to get me through the season.


Basically i am trying to choose a location for this trip and need your advice! I have a few criterias though as follows:

-A Ski town with a nice community vibe .

- Like some night life, but not clubs or anything, more just some bars for after skiing drinks.

- Consistent snow (love powder like everyone)

- I am a low level advanced skiier, who loves skiing off-piste and challenging myself.

- Will be on my own, so somewhere with share housing.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Where ever settle, good luck.  I wish I had your confidence long ago!   Any job desires if it would allow you a longer visit?  Would you be seeking anything specific?

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I think i wish i had this confidence long ago as well! I planned to be like every young australian and head to canada when i was 18-19, then ended up in a relationship for the next 5 and a half years. So now ive decided i need a change. Essentially i know financially i can get by during a season without working, the only reason i looked at working part time was that i am going alone, so wont know anyone. I am a qualified town planner, however i know it is unlikely that i would be able to get a job in America doing this. But possibly at the end of the season i would head to Canada where i may get some work.  



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If you don't have to work, getting into the US shouldn't be a problem.  Wait until you arrive and then decide based on conditions?


If your going to Canada, take a look at Nelson?

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If you decide to go to the US you should definitely consider Tahoe.  For a single 25 year old it is probably the best place to spend a season.  Other than Tahoe, I would recommend checking out Summit County, CO.  Both places have a great scene and you should have no problem finding cool roommates.

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Hiya, and enhorabuena!


1.  Are you looking to stay in 1 town and ski it's mountains? CAN: Banff, US: Summit County.  IMHO Tahoe is too iffy regarding snow, at least until February.


2.  If you want to travel, start West (Mammoth and Whistler), then move in towards the East (Mt. Sat. Anne and Sugarloaf), which is best in early March.  As is Banff et al.



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