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Mountain Bike Rentals - What's reasonable?

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Checking on bike rentals in our area for friends who are visiting throughout the summer, I'm finding rental rates all over the charts. 


Flume trail rentals seem to be the best bang for the buck - 



Northstar has some nice Giant bikes to rent and prices are higher, but they also have some serious downhill action and probably have some maintenance to do when they get bikes back. 


Northstar also rents full body armor. wink.gif


What is reasonable? 

This may be subjective. th_dunno-1[1].gif

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depending on the level of the bike, a good DH or Mtn bike will run you $50-$75. depends on what you are looking for though. A casual rider looking for gentle terrain doesn't need a high end bike, and may be able to get away with a 35 per day rental.  So the rental costs are really going to vary.

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Those rates seem okay. Northstar's prices are higher but they include lift tickets. Around here the rate is around $40 a day for a decent full suspension bike that won't fall apart riding fire roads and sane single tracks. I haven't seen anyone local that is brave enough to rent out high end bikes.

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I was going to say  that Northstar seems a bit pricey, but if it includes lifts, I guess not. Those are expensive bikes that they are renting too.

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still not clear- I think the mtn bike rental fro FR or DH is different from the bike rental package. This is



2012 Bike Rental Rates*

Beginner Rental & Lesson Package Monday - Friday Saturday & Sunday

Bike 101 Mountain Biking Package

$80* $139*

Northstar's Bike 101 Mountain Biking Package for beginners includes a full access lift ticket, bike rental, protective equipment rental, and 2-hour Bike 101 instruction from the Northstar Bike Academy at mid-mountain. Bike 101 instruction begins at 10:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. Please sign up in person at least 30-minutes prior to your desired lesson time at the Plaza Bikes Gear + Rental Shop. Subject to availability.

*Subject to Mountain Bike & Hike Park hours of operation.


Mountain Bikes All Day Afternoon

Downhill - Giant Faith and Giant Glory

$132 $112
Freeride - Giant Reign $118 $98



heres from the steamboat site



Rental Type Age Rate*
3-hour Mountain Bike Rental
(includes bike/diggler, helmet, bike access ticket, gondola ticket, and tax)

13 and up




Mountain Bike Rental Additional Hours $20/hour
Full Face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads $20 (3hr)
Full Face helmet and full armor jacket, knee pads, goggles $30 (3hr)
Damage Waiver** $15



And From Steamboat Bike and Kare-  essentially $50 per day for a demo rental, so less than I thought.





Ski Haus is $48 per day for  Specialized SJ FSR.  

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Tam will know much more than I . I haven't been back up in about a month now.  I know the park opens up this weekend with a handfull of trails with more to come.






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