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Broad Peak VS Se7en Summits

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Hi everyone,


Getting some skis and wanted to know the primary differences between the Dynafit Broad Peaks and Se7en Summit skis.

Both seem fairly similar according to web info, and I was wondering what would be the best all-rounder for an intermediate skier. I ski anything from solid icy snow that hardly dents, to sugary powder, and everything in between. I am not quite up to descending tight chutes yet, but local terrain is dotted with many rocks so a tight turning radius and a nimble ski would be much appreciated.


Any info is much appreciated!

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7 Summits are a bit wider (80 mm in the longest, 178 cm vs. 74 mm in the 176), a bit longer, and a little heavier.  I have the 178-cm 7 Summits, haven't even seen the Broad Peaks.  7 Summits are relatively stiff (mine evidently were made in the Blizzard factory), hold and edge well, turn very easily, and sink quickly in lighter powder (I'm 230 lbs).  If I were you, I would be looking for reviews of the Baltoro as well (84 mm waist up to 176 cm and 86 mm in the 183; all with an early rise tip).  I'm getting rid (sell or dismantle) of my 178 cm 7 summits because I also have  184 Volkl Snowwolfs (76 mm waist) that I really like in corn snow (altho the two are not that much different--the Summits just a bit stiffer I think; both do well in ice, the 7 summits better in crusty snow) and I like skis in the mid- to high 180s.  But my go-to bc ski is a 187 Manaslu (95 mm waist) that has the early rise tip and I really like it; I  also have a 182 Stoke for really deep snow days (106 mm waist).

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