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Atomic Live Fit 120

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Even with the Atomic Live Fit my extremely wide foot is falling asleep around the pinkie toe on the right foot and under the ball of my foot on the left foot and cramping up the left side of the left foot.  In general this means I won't be able to ski by the end of the day or will be taking my boots off in the lift line praying I don't get a toe sliced off hobbling to the lodge. (Haven't skied it yet just experienced this with the CS shell boot.) It seems like there is no relief as we have tried several wide last boots to no avail. A 102 last was excruciatingly painful. My son seems to have the same issue and the boot fitter could do nothing to fix it here.  Wondering if anyone has a recommendation.  Thanks

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it may not simply be wide feet causing the problem,


is your foot pronating (collapsing inwards at the ankle) this will cause it to rotate externally making it function wider than it actually is unless it is properly supported..... or have you got a tight or big calf muscle which could be loading areas of the foot rather than allowing weight to be distributed across the whole foot, these are just two common things that could be going on to cause the pain


you say the boot fitter could do nothing to fix it!! what did the try? it sounds like it is time for a different boot fitter, even if they have no solution directly for you they should be able to tell you why there is the problem and suggest someone who can help you, i have come across some pretty wide feet in my time and not yet found one that we couldn't accommodate in a boot in some way, the ones where there is a biomechanical issue in addition to the foot width are the ones where the problems occur, and these people sometimes need to do some stretching and work on flexibility to reduce the pain but maybe not take it away all together (there is a difference between this hurts a bit and not being able to stand or walk due to pain)


take a look at the list of boot fitters at the top of the forum and see if there is one near you, if not let us know where you are and we may be able to point you in the right direction


good luck getting this sorted

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The boot fitter here tends to imbibe a little much and we have looked to see if there is another nearby, but to no avail.  My son had a foot bed made, the toe punched or ground out and the zeppa I think was ground down, but still has intense pain. We all like to wear our boots tight.  We seem to have very high insteps and slightly higher arches than the norm.My calf is 16 in. and I do seem to need a lower cuffed boot because the pain is intense with the higher cuff.  Do you know  if there is a way for the cuff of the live fit 120 to be lowered and would it affect the flex? I am trying the tectonics foot bed but it doesn't seem to have much in the way of support either.  I'm a little afraid to go to this boot fitter after my sons experience.  I didn't have any work done because I didn't initially have as much trouble.  I was only crying by the end of the day not after every run.frown.gif  We are essentially starting from scratch because I never knew that my foot was this short or wide, I simply bought longer shoes. Thanks for all the help, we need it!

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Your Quote:"Do you know  if there is a way for the cuff of the live fit 120 to be lowered"


You could have the shell flared rearward to accommodate your calf size.  Your calf size would push your foot forward any time you extended at the ankle and jam your toes into the front of the plastic shell---this may explain why the boot felt OK initially.  Check out this tool--- and read the article below it.



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I think there may be too many things going on here for any of us to respond to with any accuracy. The issues may be that the boot is too narrow (maybe) that the instep is too high, (good possibility), and very possibly, the boots may be oversized. I know that's counter-intuitive but it's definitely possible. In fact, this could be one of those "none of the above" or "all of the above" kinda deals. As far as calf clearance, that's an easy problem to deal with. My own calf is 17" at the boot top and I ski in a race "type" boot a size down from measured. I have been cutting and flaring my own boots for big deal.


But again........I'd stress that there may be a series of cumulative problems here that no one can accurately diagnose nor solve over the interwebnetz.



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THese guys are all giving the advice I would have.  Knowing the boot feels narrow definitely does not mean it is.  The place to start is definitely with someone knowledgeable that can take a look inside.  Where are you located, perhaps we can recommend someone?  Or have you looked at the wikis atop this forum for where any of us are located?



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