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Long distance efforts may be harmful

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Yeah - read that from another source earlier - sours things a bit for long endurance rides, but training for a MTB stage race now.  I also will probably continue to do long back country rides and ski touring well into the future because it is what I love doing, but these rides and ski tours tend to be less intense than races (unless testosterone poisoning occurssmile.gif).  The benefits of doing intervals mentioned in the article is not a new concept for training.\\


here is a somewhat more in depth and perhaps more balanced review ---


the message of this article is the same (moderation in exercise); however, a bit more focused on intensity of endurance exercise - long is probably OK if not hard charging all the time.

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Look at the underlying studies and you will see that a) they stem from exceedingly small samples of b) very atypical individuals (for example, people who have run at least 100 marathons or c) animal studies under extreme conditions (rats prompted to run the equivalent of 10 years of extreme exercise over few months to simulate the effects of high training load). None of the scientific researchers (and Mercola is not a scientist) believe there is enough information to do anything other than further studies.

My view is you are more likely to be injured from training at this level or have an accident (read be hit by a car or truck) than to have long term health impacts from the training.

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