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New: Elan Race Fusion

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I was reading that they put the fusion system on the race skis!
Thats all!
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Thats a damn shame... enough said. Curse marker... At least we still have race stock boards to ski on. Where did you read that? I heard that it was going to happen - as well as Salomon race skis all going to the latest Pilot system. Elan race skis have such a solid feel... id hate to see the Fusion system ruin that...
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Dunno bout elan,
but with salomon, it seemed like the hangl plate that salomon used to have is similar to the pilot system? if that's the case, then salomon pilot on race skis is a natural evolution...isn't it?

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Skiing Mag had article about this release, a fusion SL (116-66-106) and GS (109-66-96). Just addition to current line-up, don't think they are dropping anything. GS will be welcome as I could not understand the purpose of the Dual-X (non race ski with a straight fis sidecut).
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