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This calls for a bump 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

This calls for a bump 

My skis are wider than the space shuttle--and I'm proud of it.

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I know for a fact that United and Delta both are quite reasonable with skis. Now since your are international flight, that means at least your first bag is free per person. United and Delta both will treat your ski bag and boot bag together as 1 checked item. aka your free bag. And then take a large regular suitcase for things like ski pants, jackets etc and check that, Then the 2 of you will still be able to take a carry on bag as well.


So you can most likely get away spending only about $70 total on baggage fees and still be able to bring your skis. In fact if you have a double ski bag and a double boot bag, you could get away with zero baggage fees.


Here's United's policy on ski equipment


United accepts one item of ski equipment per customer as checked baggage. Ski equipment must be securely encased in a suitable container. An item of ski equipment consists of:

  • Water skis
  • Snowboard
  • Up to two pairs of snow skis and associated equipment in one bag and one ski boot bag. (Note: If ski boot bag contains otbher items in addition to or in place of boots, it will be subject to applicable checked baggage service charge or excess baggage service charge.)

If applicable, the first or second checked baggage service charge applies to ski equipment.

Ski equipment in addition to the baggage allowance will be assessed at the excess baggage charge applicable in the market for a single piece.

Ski or boot bags weighing more than 50 pounds (23kg) that contain other items in addition to or in place of appropriate ski equipment will be subject to the applicable overweight checked baggage service charge.

United is not liable for damage to water ski/snow ski/snowboard equipment.

Excess Valuation may not be purchased for water ski/snow ski/snowboard equipment.


And here's Delta's,


Ski or Snowboard Equipment

If you are hitting the slopes, you can bring your ski and snowboard equipment as checked baggage. One ski/pole bag or one snowboard bag, and one boot bag is accepted per person (and counts as one checked bag). The combined weight of the ski/snowboard bag and the boot bag may not exceed 50 lbs. (23 kg) or excess weight charges will apply. Linear dimensions may exceed 80 inches (203 cm), no excess size charges apply. All standard baggage charges apply.


As you see, United's policy is slightly better than Delta's but they are both good.

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When my private jet is down for maintenance, I fly first class and ship my skis FEDEX.

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Originally Posted by choucas View Post

Check out credit cards that waive checked bag fees if you buy your tickets using their card.  I've traveled with double ski bags for years and never paid extra for a bag.  Works with golf clubs too.  Sometimes the cards come at a premium but they more than pay for themselves after a few flights, plus they give you priority boarding, better seating and some even include club room access. 


Addressing the OP problem these credit cards wouldn't work as the free checked bag is for US domestic travel and the OP is flying international from UK to Canada. With Delta the first bag would be free with the second bag being 56 euros. United is the same with 1st bag free and 2nd bag $70USD.

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I've worn boots and all  my heavy clothing on the plane to avoid excess baggage fees.


Sadly, you can't take the skis with you into the cabin.  

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