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Denali backpacking

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I might be going to Denali for two weeks next July and was hoping to get some information about what areas people thought were the best areas to hike in. I don't get the chance to hike out west often, mainly because skiing really drains the budget. In fact, the only places I've ever hiked out west are Jackson Hole(when I was 4) and Yosemite this past summer. I get most of my hiking done in Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee, and like to find moderate to strenuous hikes with lots of bouldering and scrambling off to the side. My whole family will be going so areas that are moderate climbing with the potential for more strenuous hikes are best. Im aware that there are no trails in Denali(or maybe 1 depending on who you ask), and dont plan on climbing any part of the mountain either. I was hoping y'all(pardon the southern expresion) could recommend areas of the park, books to read, old magazines I could get a hold of to read, and the best topo map of the area. Thanks for any help!
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Never been, but a buddy of mine hiked it in college. He was stuck in his tent for 6 days at 18.5K feet waiting out a storm. Be prepared.

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