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Deer Creek Cycling

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Betsy and I had a nice spin in our favorite local area today.  We road a segment of the Deer Creek Challenge's 100 mile 12750 vert. ft course coming in at 50 miles with a total of 5650 vert. ft of gain.  We launched from Wadsworth parking then routed counterclockwise up City View, into Reynolds Park Spur then back down High Grade’s sweeps.


We missed our normal companions Bob Barnes and Cgeib today but did meet some nice folks at the Grange (honor system fueling station at the peak of ride).  New chains made for quiet and solid drive train's especially when dealing with some of the pitches going up City View.  We snaped some iphone shots to share.  It's a beautiful ride.  


Hope everyone is enjoying their road and/or mtb routes with continually improving legs and lungs.



Betsy at base camp (jeep pointed east towards Chatfield Park...we'll be heading west):




Betsy beside the Platte river at the bottom of the Reynolds Park spur.  Difficult to leave the cool rushing water when you've got some wicked climbing back out of Foxton to do ;)





At the Grange (some great folks maintain coolers full of fuel and eats on the honor system...great spot for some quick shade & porta potty)  Here is my look just after Betsy informs me that my cadence needs to "amp-up"  #my arse is toasted :




Betsy coming down High Grade...getting close to the tight sweeps:




We had to stop for a moment and take in the views:




Here is where I can really leverage my amazing power-to-weight ratio ;)



Ride often, well and safe!

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...Of course a good friend reminded me that while we enjoy the "roads" of Deer Creek we actually "rode" the course wink.gif

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Great pictures, Don. Sorry I couldn't make the ride. You guys are amazing--I can't believe how strong you're getting. Inspirational!

Best regards,
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How'd I miss this.  

Manoman, you amaze me. 

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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post








We had to stop for a moment and take in the views:





Nice guys have more self control than me...whenever I get to this spot on the way down I just get a giant sh%t eating grin and tuck in and thoughts of admiring the views.  Hope to see you guys out on the DCC if I can get my fitness up to speed by then.    Having a tough time finding riding time this summer.

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