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Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo, Yankee fans...

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"wait till next year"?
bernie's too tired to run to first?
george is already making trades.
chuck sure is fun to watch out there in "where-am-i" land.

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What about your Red Sox though Ryan? How's their golf game coming along? There not eliminated yet, let's see how they play in Oakland.
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my sox have given up on the great morgan burkhardt. (LG, i'll assume you're as "kidding" here as i am, and have been, throughout these yanks/sox posts. it's all tongue-in-cheek on this end. just can't take baseball too seriously at this point, anyway.)

personally, seriously, i would NOT bet against the yanks to come back. mussina should pick up a win. (he's pitching next, right?)

As for my sox, "FORE!!!!!!!!!!"
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I didn't see the game. Who won?
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the sox. nomar used his three-iron to take rivera deep in the top of the 12th. next, the toledo mudhens. bring 'em on!
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Ryan the transpalnted chowd has been dying to post this. 'Fraid he's right though...Yanks are looking old and slow and Oakland's starting pithing is too good.

Oakland in 4.

George will clean house this winter. Look for a major run on Bonds and any availaable starting pitchers. Gone: Knobloch, O'Neil, Justice, El Duque...Torre?

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a HUGE house-cleaning is right. and the yankees can do that and definitely better themselves. team i saw last night looked dazed and confused. very weird. STILL, they/you ain't out yet. roger looks tired. he got chumped by the tampa bay triple-a devil rays and was pretty shaky end of year.

(why does derek jeter ALWAYS know where the damn camera is and when it's on him?)

prediction: mussina dominates. then...hey, stranger things have happened. but the yanks have got to WAKE UP.
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I'm looking for the A's to take this series in 3. Zito's pitching tomorrow, another young pitcher on a hot streak. I'm bringing my broom to the game! Look for me 10 rows back above the A's dugout tomorrow!

I have nothing against the Yankee's, but there is not doubt about it...the A's have been the best team in baseball (AL or NL) since the All Star break. Yeah, Seattle has more overall wins, but the A's shut them down cold during their last visit to Oakland...sweep!

I think this will be Oakland's year! They are looking like a 2001 version of the A's of 1972, 1973, 1974!
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Frankly, I think the NYY have been looking pretty dazed since Sept. 11. It seems that every "first" type game for them was a big L: first in Chicago, then NY. Playoffs have not brought out the best in them (whatever that is that's in the tank). I think either the mind is elsewhere or they got it in their head they have to win for the whole city. I don't know but whatever is the case their circumstances have not helped.

I hope there is a game 5 since I bought tickets. We'll see. I actually think the day off and time away might help them, rather than make them more anxious.

Kudos to the A's who have out-Yankeed the Yankees thus far. A's are playing like the NYY have done in the past. I thought the NYY would pull it out yesterday but it just didn't happen.

So they'll make change regardless of what happens. I still think they ought to resign Tino. Don't know about the rest.


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Tino's gone. He's gonna want more years than the boss is gonna give him and the boss ain't gonna be in a giving mood in a few days. the solution is to trade him to the red sox for carl everett. please.
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I have to go, I think I hear my mother calling me.........
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Wow, what a game last nite! Mussina and Zito bothed pitched an incredible game!
Unfortunately, Zito made one mistake and it cost the A's a run (and the game). To pitch a 2 hitter and lose the game...WOW! Well there was a bad call made at homeplate, but it truly was a judgement call.

Okay, back to the ballpark today to see what "El Duque" and Lidle will be putting out there.

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Hope you managed to enjoy the game, Serenity. I know I did, since I already have tickets to Game Five. I'm going to need major medication to get thru it, though. Never been to a game that mattered -- in October, that is. At least there is a game five... [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Well, the game was miserable to sit through for so many reasons...

1) It was sooooo hot! No joke like 90 degrees!

2) Jermaine Dye broke his leg (left tibia). No matter who you root for, this is an awful injury, and was horrible to watch it happen (especially as I am still trying to recover fully from my own broken leg).

3) The A's were not playing like they can...at all (that was painful to watch as well).

4) It took 4 1/2 long, hot, hours to go nine regular innings. It was an awfully long game for no extra innings!

I'll definately be watching tomorrow nite, Dye will be sorely missed! Have fun at the game! If it cannot be the A's going to the World Series, then I will be rooting for the Yankee's! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ryan, definetly can't take any sports to seriously, it's a game. Game 5 should definetly be a good one though, Yankees are not over the hill yet.
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yerright. hope it lives up to the preamble. a clean, exciting game - no umps' influence, stuff like that - would be nice. there've been some good ones. st. louis/arizona yesterday. it's gettin' good.
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next stop, seattle...
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No sweep, unless you count 3-in-a-row by the NYY. Good game to attend. DJ is a mlb god. Even though we didn't get a full start outta Rocket, we didn't use another starter, so game one isn't too badly set up. Probably Pettitte, Mussina, then Clemens/Hernandez (order perhaps dependent w/ 3-4 on Roger's leg; according to my fellow NYY fan Roger wasn't fully pushing off). Gotta love that rotation, in any order.

Always helps when the Scooter and Yogi throw out the first pitch, too.

The-e-e-e-e Yankees WIN.

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Gotta hand it to the Yankee's, they are not the 3 time defending World Champions for no reason! I tip my hat to them, especially Derek Jeter...he is the man!

It was not in the cards for the A's this year, maybe next year! I hope to see the A's intact at spring training, but I have a feeling the Yankee's will be trying to sign Jason Giambi after the World Series is over. And who knows where Izzy and Damon will end up...Yankee blue as well?

I'll be rooting for the Yankee's in the upcoming series against Seattle.

If it is not meant to be for the A's, then I say "Let's go Yankee's!" :
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Nice of you to say, Serenity, as an A's fan. Not sure if the NYY care to make a run at any of your players. I think George just prefers they don't end up playing for the BoSox!

We'll see. I gotta like our 4 starters matching up against the M's but should be a fun series. Seems Garcia and Moyer may both have to go 1 start on short rest. Sounds like trouble to me. Still haven't heard how Rocket's leg is, but he should be able to give one start nonetheless. If he's our No. 4 guy...well, I like it.

And I'm wearing my Mussina jersey! (Bought it last night; promised I would do it if there was a game five.)

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Yankees 4 Mariners 1 : : :
Going to game 2 today. I hope Freddy can mow them down.
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[img]smile.gif[/img] ............. nuff said?
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Yankees 3 Mariners 2 : : : :
Lou is saying it's coming back to Seattle, I'm not so sure, but I hope so.

Did anyone else see the bonehead play by Al Martin (why are we paying this guy) at the plate. He hits a dribbler down the third baseline and stands at the plate watching it to see if it will go foul. It didn't and he was out. Geez, we learned to run those out in Little League.
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Sure, just like I saw Bernie make his first (I think) ps error. Ooops!

I'm going to Game Three! No agita, which is nice (hope they win, won't feel lousy if they don't). Just a nice afternoon...staring at Knobby from left field. Hmmm (gotta spread it around; stared at Paulie for 1 game already...). [img]smile.gif[/img]

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They - could - go - all - the - way...again!

On the road again to Arizona, nice time of year there!

I am hoping they can put the D-Backs away in 5!

I loved the way they manhandled the Mariners!
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grrrrrrr! : :
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