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Timberline Summer

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I was wondering if some Timberline regulars could answer this.. I want to go a few times this summer, but I started last year and am not a great skier yet. I was wondering how wide the lane is when they only have the one public lane open, and how often it is down to just one lane. Also wondering if there are certain times of the summer where the mountain is mostly open and other times where big camps or events come through where it is closed off more. Thanks!

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I would think you would want to go ASAP,  since school isn't completely out yet. Plus they have more terrain now, since the Mile is open. 



When it's real busy, the public lane might only be 50 yards wide on Palmer. 

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Im going soon, but I get my one half off ticket from my spring pass, so I want to use it wisely. Do they usually do the class stuff from the palmer lift or magic mile? I've only been all the way up once and dont plan on going up palmer again very soon. 50 yds sounds ok I was envisioning like some 50ft wide lane :S

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Most of the Camps are on the Palmer. It just Snowed up there and temps have been cool. 3" today.


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The Mile should be good, most of the congestion is on Palmer.   Late season it might be 50'?   


$75 rooms at the lodge right now is a deal!

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