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Need Ski suggestions for first modern skiis.

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I started skiing this year and have really become addicted. Right now Im using some 168cm K2 Freedoms from the 2001-2003 range, so at least they are carving skis, but Ive learned carving now and want to move to something a little more modern,versatile and easier to use. I need some suggestions on specific skis and lengths, Im not sure what length to get with the newer styles. Im looking for something in the budget range (150-250), probably a 2011-2012 model that I can get closeout over the summer.


I am: 6' and about 200lbs, I still ski somewhat slow and carefully but Im hoping to get some skis that will get me going faster, I can parallel carve fine, but am not comfortable on steeps. I ski on Mt Hood,mostly at ski bowl/timberline.


I need: something good on groomed trails, something steady so I can start going faster and something that hold a carve good. I want something that will hold on to ice reliably too.


I want: something that will let me get started with powder, and I would like a twin tip if possible , but not if it greatly compromises the needs above.I dont plan on going to the park yet, but Id like to be able to play on the little jumps a bit and learn to ski switch.


Suggestions? Thanks!

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Hey Micheal, welcome to the world of Epicski fanatic gear lust.


suggestions:  boots first.  If you are serious about skiing, you must have good fitting boots.  make that your priority.  don't buy online, find a good bootfitter in a ski shop.  Get recommendations.  Don't be invested in a certain brand.  Your feet will tell the bootfitter what you need.


Once you've got boots, then you can try skis.  See if you can demo a few pairs in the early season.  Or if you want to do some summer skiing at Timberline.  You got a lot of ski stores in Portland, check a few out. 


Most modern skis will carve pretty well, especially with a decent tune. If you liked the feel of the K2's you might look at those. They are generally smooth, damp and forgiving. 


If you are looking for a good used pair, or last year's stock:   in general, you want to go at least 88mm wide since you want to get started in powder.   Since we have pretty dense snow in the PNW you may not need to go wider than 98 -105.  98's these days turn pretty easily.  If you're looking at something used that's a few years old, I would keep it in the 88-92mm range.  The twin tip is not neccesary in powder, unless your planning to ski switch sometimes (backwards). Twin tips are also good for pipe and park.  Rocker or early rise is usefull in powder.


As far as length, as you advance in skill you will want to go longer, especially for your height and weight.  I'd say 180cm or so. The longer lenght will help your stability with speed.


Hope that helps, for a little drive-by advice. 

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