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New Snowboard Forum Organization

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The three forums for snowboarding, Discussions, Gear and Instruction, have been consolidated into this one forum located in the On-The-Snow forums for Epicski.  Additional forum changes will be made throughout the site with the objective to concentrate certain topics to make the forums easier to navigate, and use.  Thanks to the Member Advisory Group for helping us to organize and stay fresh.


All of your thread subscriptions should still be working from your home page.  Enjoy the new Snowboarding Forum now in the mainstream forums of Epicski.

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I never understood the separate forums. This change is better, but why not just turn General Skiing into "General Skiing and Snowboarding," then maybe a forum for Snowboarding gear since that actually is different. I think it's already full of both snowboarders and skiers, and if I had some snowboarding footage or news, I'd probably just put it in General - the Snowboarding forum is a sad ghost town.

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I tend to agree.  Might have to consider it if this area continues to lack activity.  I think we wanted to welcome all snow sports, but when we created the separate snowboarding forum section in 2008 it was just good intentions.  The boarder community has always been welcome throughout the site.

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Why not have only one forum and post everything in it? Ok - so that was rhetorical. Presumably there is some threshold where it makes sense to have multiple forums. 


The separate snowboarding forum was my idea. There were a bunch of snowboarding related posts interspersed in the skiing forum. They were junk to most skiers and most riders had to wade through a ton of ski junk to find them. The intent of setting a separate forum was to encourage more rider participation and improve the skier experience. At the time, the judgement was there were enough posts to split riding posts into a separate forum. My idea for multiple snowboard forums was to try to attract instructors the way the skier forums worked. My 2 cents is that a separate rider forum will be more successful at attracting rider only members. But it's only two cents.

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Rusty, I think it's worth keeping, and you've done a good job cultivating that community.  I would only argue it doesn't need separate gear, instruction and discussion forums   I think including it with the Skiing discussion and instruction forums, actually promotes it, more than putting it into it's own section.


As I recall, you wanted a snowboard forum, and ssh wanted to organize it into several sections like the skiing forums.  It didn't generate the activity to justify splitting it up like that.

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Actually, I suggested to Epic that a snowboard forum would be cool and SSH said "Fine - you do it". And so I became a moderator. I put in my 2 cents, but I can deal with whatever direction we choose to take.

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I'm just glad there is a place for snowboarding, appreciate the effort for sure.

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I also snowboard piensoque forum is made with good intentions, would be good for all modes had a place here, it's just my opinion
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One of the reasons the snowboard forum area was started was because SB threads tended to fall off the radar because ski related posts far outnumbered the snowboard posts. 

If we're paying attention and don't let them go unanswered, there shouldn't be a need for separation. 

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