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foot pain in lower ankle

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I have bone spurs on my lower ankles (inside only) due from previous ankle fractures when i was younger,and my boots are hurting real bad, I have purchased hi end boot inserts,and had my boots altered (punched out, and heat expanded in problem areas, my boots are nordica hot rod 95.

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Not sure what u are asking?


If your ankles are still hurting, I would suggest you get in to see one of the fitters listed in the "Whos who" section at thee top of this section.



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pronating ankles could be one of my problems

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Just curious-----Were the inserts "custom made" to your feet or over the counter?  



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not custom made,just what the ski shop had over the counter  

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A pair of custom made footbeds would probably orient your ankle in a more upright position which would  move your inside ankle away from the shell.  They cost more but work better.



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Are you slightly bowlegged? If so, padding the Medial (inside) side of your liner just above your ankle area can help hold the ankle in place to relieve pressure off of the shell. I would recommend having a boot fitter evaluate the padding area.

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decided on custom molded inserts to hold my foot upright for around 150 $ will let you all know the verdict

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You still haven't really told us what the complaint is.  Are you ankles hurting because they hit the inside of the shell when you ski?  Do they hurt from the motion of skiing?  Do they hurt all the time whether skiing or not?



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yes lou,

my ankles hurt cause they hit the inside of the shell when skiing only,my local ski shop tried almost evrything they can do ,since then i have moved to indianapolis and planning on having custom made foot beds made at a local ski shop in order to correct my pronation of the ankles im guessing,,any thoughts on this matter ?  

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Footbeds can reduce pronation but absolutely don't always change foot position.  Either way even with a properly made footbed your feet will still both pronate and supinate inside your boots with each turn.  Usually your problem can be resolved with punching the boots in the ankle area.  Not certain why they are having such a hard time.



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I agree lou,

however my left ankle hurts right where the inside rivet is,and my boots have been punched  out in that specific area,the only thing have not done yet is custom footbeds, hoping that will help my case,

also might have an extra punch in that area maybe. 

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Hopefully the person making you beds understands foot biomechanics and is able to properly post your footbeds.  This is the key because not all "custom" footbeds are created equal!  See a trained C-Ped or reputable boot fitter for the best results.

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The fact that someone punched the boot there doesn't say anything about the function of the punch.  Is it in exactly the right place, did they move the plastic far enough?  The fact that someone already punched it really doesn't mean anything.  I'll go out on a limb and say that given the amount of your pain I think foot beds may help but probably not much.  Get proper footbeds made by someone with good knowledge, but I think this will be the starting point to more punches.


Remove the liners from both boots and remove the factory footbeds from the liners and lay them on the bootboards in the bottom of the shell.  Insert your feet in the shells and move your feet posteriorly until your heels are tucked into the heel pocket. Have someone else look inside the shell for where your ankle contacts it (I'm assuming it does) and fix that.



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ok lou,

I plan on following ur advice,with just the foot beds in the shell less the liners,and have the fitter take a close look at my ankle contact point and see what can be done ,

Thanks for the advice it wont be for a few more weeks..   

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Just an update,

I Followed lou's advice on inserting my foot  into the boot shell ,less the liners and foot beds (my choice for natural foot orientation) and had my local bootfitter take a look and mark where my ankle was touching,and we made a punch in the exact spot on each boot where the problem was occuring,

after the punches, and foot beds inserted

it felt perfect,amazing !! problem solved.    Thanks again for all the help.    

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Have a great season!



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