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New Aussie ski forum

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Hi Epicskiers


Not posted much here other than to get advice about my wedge christies (thanks BTW).


I recently got told to **** off from the big Australian Ski forum Ive been on for a few years after some mod went feral and sent me nasty threats, it was easier to get rid of me with some theatrics.


Thats life

However the owner there said to me some time before it that if I dont like it I should go start my own forums, so I did.


It sucks now of course because it pretty empty, it may remain so.

But we only have 2 forums in Aus

Ski com which is biggest bit more or less run like a personal fiefdom and and Stepford watch which is just ... WTF.

So this is another were all the rejects like me or those that dont fancy the other 2 can drop by and catch up with other skiers, boarders or any mountain users.


Season just starting and it is going to be Epic.


Its called Buller Gravity Forums

(no prizes guessing where I stole bits of that name from.)




Mt Buller in Australia is my home hill thats all.


Its not a business, just the forum.

I may look at selling "I got banned from Ski Com" T shirts, mugs and mouse pads in future but for now itll just be idle chit chat about loose ski boots, footbeds and 100mph buses among other things.


I also own a Snow cam at the resort I put up there with another Ski member to cover night times.

Setting up another one soon.


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or not appropriate posting.

This place is huge.




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good luck with that, surprised you got booted off auski, you certainly added some "character" to the place.

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So did Uncle Crud.

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Cheers Maurice


Lots of people with "character" in the ski scene.

One season on the lifts was enough to see that, and that was in 1981


Ive set this up mostly so that I can stay in touch other skiers Ive met over there.

I dont have issue with members there even though we have had some ripper arguments.

Its the use of mod tools to make it one sided I dont care for and how that ended was too nasty to go back..


Ill be running mine sans mods.

Nor dictating what people should discuss, (only where) if people wish to entertain us Ill just turn on the popcorn machine.

And users will not be there "at my pleasure" as it is at the other forum.

All are welcome.





PS Hi Taxman

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We were considering adding a subforum on Epicski for the Down-Under group.  We have a Eurozone, and honestly, there are many members registered from Australia and New Zealand.  Is there any interest in a forum for discussions about the Australian and New Zealand skiing and events?

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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post

So did Uncle Crud.

 now there's a blast from the past... smile.gif

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Was a rite of passage to be shot down in flames by Uncle Crud/Gonzo Strike; but behind the snarl was some very interesting (and very intelligent) thoughts.  Didn't mind him as he did bring colour.

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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post

Was a rite of passage to be shot down in flames by Uncle Crud/Gonzo Strike; but behind the snarl was some very interesting (and very intelligent) thoughts.  Didn't mind him as he did bring colour.

Yup, got the scars!rolleyes.gif   He did bring an interesting perspective though, (depending if the meds had kicked in or not!)

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Uncle Crud was a nice guy in person and a good skier so was SCSA and Max501. They remind me of a Soccer mom behind the wheel of semi truck.

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LOL, what a thread hijack.  Would it surprise you to learn that your soccer mom has acquired a new identity and is now driving a Ford F150?

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Keep the shiny side up & he's good to go.smile.gif

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Always formed the opinion that Uncle would be a great person to have a beer with after skiing/MTB riding/fly fishing. A sharp mind, just didn't tolerate fools.

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Originally Posted by Taxman View Post

Always formed the opinion that Uncle would be a great person to have a beer with after skiing/MTB riding/fly fishing. A sharp mind, just didn't tolerate fools.

It's not that he just didn't tolerate fools.  If a fool did not present himself for abuse, he was quite willing to improvise.  He did his apparent share of jumping to conclusions and ignoring the obvious when it suited his purpose, which was to create a work of literary art.   His tools were mostly sarcasm, mockery and ridicule, but he had lots more.  At first encounter, his comments did seem rather cruel, but once you got to know him as a caricature of a slick-talking attorney, his posts were very enjoyable.  Given his skill with prose, I'll bet he was a pretty good trial lawyer in real life.

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Yeah the interwebz warriors.


IMO it's a relic of the sales pitch we got the buy these boxes, which was we could acess the imaginary cyberland, and pretend to be darth vader or Hanibal.

Telling to to buy computers to connect to other people and sit for hours typing to each other would not have sold many computers.

And with that imaginary land they sold with it resulted on a lot of people making an art out of being nasty.

I dont think it requires any particular skills to be an arsehole and stand out from the crowd.

In this me me world it fits well.


Anyway, I never had such issues and wasnt pretending to stand out from the crowd ar ski I just have garden variety Aspergers personalty so I dont have to fake it.

People mistake the long detailed monlogues as something I may be passionate about, but I'm not its just comes in the bag with the rest of what you get with adult Asperger.

In most case I could care less about a topic I am talking about in great length, like this one for example.

Its just a thought that is expanded somewhat, and could have been said in a lot less words.


The problem is that if you seem passionate about something you open yourself up for a ribbing.

No big deal to me, but it bugs the hell of of some people.


It did at ski to the point threats came from a moderator.


He said and I quote.


[quote]It's people like you which give the forums a bad name. You are the one solely responsible for people attacking you because you are 'always right'.[/quote]


He added


[quote]You are nothing but a ****. You are a troll, a piece of **** and I pitty you. Actually, no I don't. I don't feel sorry for people like you as you are nothing but a **** stain on the back of your mummas ***. You hide behind a keyboard or a phone and I'm sure in public with your attitude someone would beat you down, me included. I hope we don't cross paths because you will be the last one standing.[/quote]


U mad bro ?

Oh real mad


Because I am "always right"


Guess I need to try and be wrong more or Ill have moderators beating me up



He also advises me others are with him on this.

And dared me to send it to the Admin.


But he didnt double dare me, so I didn't do it.


I know my account vanished soon after for reasons that apply to some paralell universe to the one I'm in.

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So to more usefull topics


I just finished setting up a new Snow cam at Mt Buller resort.

And just in time for season opening weekend.

Updates every ten minutes.


Its a 24 hrs cam to add to the other cam at Village Square which I also own and operate.

VS cam went in 2009 seson.

This one is hosted at a ski club my family are members of.


The lift company has cams but they all trun off in daylight hours for marketing reasons, so I installed private cams that run 24 hours.

Suck eggs lift company.


New one is APIRA cam

Is on my forum for now, but am sure itll be at ski with the other VS cam image.

Need to re aim the housing tomorrow but its all working.


See "The Hill" forum for cams

Enjoy !




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Finally some time to get back to the Hill and fix the cam alignment.


These are the cams I am refering to BTW


VS cam I put in 2009




APIRA club cam recently




Need to add a bracket to aim it right, its a bit of a tight fit and running at full zoom.

Adding a temp sensor unit to this cam as well so the image heading will show the current outside temperature at the cam location.


Ill do that after I go for a ski of course.

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Hey PP, I wondered where you went.



Saw your site promoted thru 'Ski-in Victoria' on FB. Excellente!!!!!


Aussieskier/Carveman's instagrams are the most reliable and honest 'pictures tell a thousand words' on current conditions, you should link up with him.



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So you have snow? 


Trip report...honest, we'll feature it.

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700Too often than not, the snow's uuum 'manmade only' so we, uuum, drink and party a lot to make up for the fog, rain and exxy 'everything'

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Thanks PP: saw your cams on fb. Buller looks sad this morning so you just saved me $108 for a lift ticket, $35 a day parking and $50 in juice.


Ski-in Victoria This cam runs at night (as does the one on APIRA) for you early risers to see what the hill is like.

about a minute ago · LikeUnlike
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I miss gonzo and scsa and max501. I recall VA telling me gonzo was OK which is always good enough for me.
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Hi All


Glad your getting some use out of the cams.


APIRA cam has had a few adjustments to try and get a better view.

Unfortunately since aiming it toward SW direction the road grading pile of snow has built up right inthe foreground, I call it Mt S**t and some other names.

Doesn't look so bad after it snows but nasty other times.

Have to climb up and turn it more Sth view and fit a night light to it but last few trips and conditions Ive been too busy skiing to do it.



VS cam shuts down when LTB leaves the appartment for the summer which is probably next week by look of cover left over..

APIRA runs from season opening day to closing day being a managed lodge.

Cams have come in handy this year with poor snow falls for first half of season its been a season of "see snow ski snow" and if you wait a day or more its gone, rained on or slush and just no base underneath on lower elevations.

With cams Ive managed to pick some good days though since I only do day trips and make the call at 4AM on the day based on cam images..


Best day for me was Aug 31 after a fair dump of snow and runs at lowest elevations not open in some years.

Similar to Aug 2010 dump but this time no post snow rain and dry cover all over.


Powder Keg in the morning





Chamois bowl later




Had falls last week but bit of rain post the falls and then warm nights.


Might get one more fall to freshen the top cover for a day or two but at this stage laps of Summit area and LBS are all there is with a decent base under it to last.

Poor season but some August dumps left us something to be happy about, thats life at Mt Buller.


Better luck next year maybe.




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An update on the Mt Buller cams.


VS cam has normally run in Winter only but this year it wil run all year round.

Right now its locked up because they had a power outage and needs a reboot and I have to drive up and do it when I go up to service it and the APIRA cam.

No snow to see but might get a view of Targa Car rally presentations on it when they run.


It seems APIRA ski club has also decided to leave the router and power on over the summer and the cam is still live too.


Ill be moving the view to the left soon and its a stunning view across the Howqua hills on a clear day so still worth looking at and the mountain bike folks start up soon so they can check the weather up there.

The upshot of this is the both cams will be running  from day 1 next Winter too.




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Good to hear PP. I've used the 24/7 cam in the mornings to make that last minute decision whether to push on to Falls or Hotham or not.

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Hi folks.


Finally got a domain name for the forum.

Winter is just over 100 days so time to get the place into some shape for it to be any use.


New name is



(requires re log in if using new domain name to visit)


Market forum is now setup.

4 threads to cover it for now.


Goods and Services


Clubs and properties



Must be related to Mt Buller resort and can include nearby towns.

Listings are free and will be into the future, can be sent via email it doesnt require log in.

See How to List thread


And free means free as in free beer.

Im also the author of Aus Weather Stats software that has been freeware since 2000 and other shareware I wrote is all freeware for some years at Birdcage software.

This forums sits on the same server so there is no extra cost to host it and no reason need to profit from it.

Same as the web cams, they make nothing.

I have a small manufacturing business and a factory I make my income from.


Vendors at Buller that run bricks and mortar business like I do that are not under the "Empire" get monstered by RMB site listings in searches.

This forum, site, blog or whatever it becomes puts all in one place to try and level the playing field a bit for other businesses supporting Mt Buller resorts. What is there will not be controlled by commercial interests, theirs or mine.


It also provides a place for friends of Buller to talk about all things Mt Buller and avoid whining and trolling of other Australian resort skiers that are all "jelly" of Mt Buller steeps. devil.gif


So lets see if that works.

If I dont know anything else I do know people like free stuff, I know I do.




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