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Ski Advice - Fischer Progressor 9+ "like"

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I am planning on getting new alpine skis for the 2012-13 season. I have been exclusively on tele gear for the past 6-7 years and my every day ski is the Nordica Steadfast, 170cm. I love the versatility of the ski and the lively carvy feeling. I also have a pair of Stockli Laser SL, 155cm, mounted tele. These are a blast and fun in tight icy slalom courses. My alpine boots are Nordica Dobermann Pro 100.


About me, I am 5'6" 157lbs, 48, active all year round. I ski 40+ days a year. The reason for getting alpine skis is that my oldest son is an alpine racer and he is getting faster. I would like to get a pair of carve/beer league skis to have more fun with him, run gates occasionally and maybe get back into racing by joining a beer league team. I raced through high school and a bit in college. My alpine technique is modern, not old school one ski at a time.


This past season I got on some demos. I would have liked to try a couple of more skis (Fischer WC RC, Progressor 10+ and Atomic D2 GS) but they were not available. Here are my brief thoughts on the skis I tried:


Volkl RTM 84, 171.: Felt pretty good and a good candidate for a quiver of one for NE, but it did not wow me, I like a ski with a bit more pop or liveliness.


Head Supershape Titan or Magnum, 170: I can't recall which one I skied, but although I liked the stability, it was too damp for my tastes. Just not my kind of ski.


Volkl Racetiger Speedwall GS, 170: I liked this one a lot. It felt great carving at speed. Confidence inspiring and lively. My only concern on this is that it may be too limiting for me. Not off the list.


Fischer Progressor 900, 170: I liked this one a lot as well. I liked the versatility of the turn radiuses possible. I liked that it felt both quick and stable. I wish it were a bit sharper and crisp in feel, with a bit more race ski feel added.


So after this, I would like a combination of the Volkl Speedwall GS and the Fischer Progressor 900. Looking at past reviews on this site and Real Skier, it seems like the now-discontinued Fischer Progressor 9+ may be ideal for me. I am checking ebay and maybe I can find some NOS. In the event that I cannot find a pair, anything else I should consider? If I find a Progressor 9+, should I only consider a 170 or would 165 be enough ski? Did I leave out any details? What else can I add?


Thanks for your help, with only one outlier, I find this forum to be inviting, friendly and informative.

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I am similar to your size and weight but somewhat older and ski 50-60 days a year.  Most of my days in Vermont are on the Progressor 8+ at 165 which suits my skiing very well.  I tend to ski tighter steeper terrain at moderate speeds so a high top speed limit is not an issue.  From what you say the 9+ would suit you, but I would think 170 would be a better length vs 165.  The 9+ was considered a detuned race ski. 

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I'm a bit bigger than you (6'2" 175) and am on the 175.  I only got it mid-season though and didn't put too many days on it, so I can't give you a very detailed review.  I actually think I'd be ok on the 170 much of the time, so the 165 may very well work for you for general hard snow fun, but if you were going to use it as a sometimes race ski, I'd probably stick with the 170.

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Telecarve, given what you already have in your quiver and the intended use of this ski I would suggest not going below 170.  (In fact i would also not rule out the 175)


Noting how you liked the Volkl racetiger, and like something "a bit sharper and crisp in feel, with a bit more race ski feel added" let me throw another possible option, slightly different,  in for consideration.  The Fischer WC GS in 175 is worth a look.  A real GS ski, meant for a lighter woman or junior racer but in 23m radius and in this length you would be surprised how effective it could be for your intended use. 

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Thanks for the responses. With the Progressor 9+ being discontinued, I appreciate the additional option. I had a feeling that the smaller GS skis might work for my purpose since I am no bigger than some of the women and junior racers.

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Not sure if this thread is still alive or if any of the original posters are still reading, but as of yesterday, Sierra Trading Post had some Fischer Progressor 9+s available.  When I saw them, they had 170, 175 and 180.  I ski on 180 P9s, am 6'3" / 190.  It's a great NE frontside ski, but frankly a little easier to handle than I thought they'd be.  Was just out at Copper over Thanksgiving for race camp for my daughters (along with the families of every other racer in N America as well as 6 national teams).  I demoed the K2 Rictor on what were really East Coast conditions.  I was wishing I had brought out my Fischers.  Rictor seems like it would be a decently fun western ski, but for the kind of conditions we had, the grip of the Fischers would have been welcome.

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The current P950 is basically the old 9+.  They ski nearly the same, just a different mounting rail and sight change to width. Same construction. Great ski.  From Kastle, the RX12 and MX78 are also quite similar. 



Also check out the Blizzard S-Power IQ SL!  Great ski that really rips, w/lots of energy.  I am looking forward to skiing the 174, I think it will be sweet SL/GS hybrid feel. 

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I ended up getting a pair of Blizzard G-Force FS skis. Today was the first day on them (and fourth time on alpine gear in years). I like the ski a lot. It has the solid, stable yet responsive feel  I was looking for. Lots of energy and really comes alive with some speed and input. It was good in both short and long radius turns and had some nice acceleration out of the turns. If you don't want to engage these are not for you, they like an active pilot. A lot of fun and I am looking forward to spending a day on these at a bigger area with my racer son.

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