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Crotched has been talking about going to the true summit for a few years and it is finally happening this coming season.  It add about 100' vertical and 25 acres.  Also provides easy access to lots of off piste skiing.  You also will be able to go from the base to the new summit in 4 minutes!  That means going further uphill in less time than you could to the lower "summit".


There are a few teams involved in making this happen but the place is as busy as they are during the season.  Excavating, blasting, removing the old lift, cutting in new trails.  The list goes on.


Some of the new trails that will be available were from the previous era Crotched was open; early 60's to '90.  They re-opened in 2003 (I think) and have been going strong since.  Folks used to hike up to the real summit and ski down.


This is going to be a huge boost for Crotched and their guests.  They already do a fantastic job of grooming and providing a fun ski experience (not just because I work there).  This is really going to be big!!!!!!!


The cable from the old lift is down and gone.  They're at the point of no return.  Still need the high speed quad to show up popcorn.gif but I don't think they would have removed the cable unless they were confident.


Here's some links for pics and info: