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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

I think you should give CO a try and the Triple Play will give you a nice assortment.


I think you're right.  I think the three can be done at lower elevations too using Steamboat as a base, Glenwood Springs as a base, and skiing Winter Park on the way in and way out.  If necessary a night in Idaho Springs or in the Fraser Valley might be in order.


As well, I don't think I'd ever get to Aspen if not for this great deal!  Hopefully its back next year!

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so how many do you think are going and about when?  You obviously have lots of time to plan if mid Feb, note that prices in Steamboat (and other places) tend to go up mid month, normally it's Presidents day which in 2013 is18th of Feb but pricing go up either the week prior or that weekend prior.... something to consider.


Presuming you fly into Denver, if you get in the night before it would allow you some added time to acclimate to altitude as it is the mile high city.  There are several forums discussing Altitude but here's one of the more referenced ones: ckness

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We always plan around presidents week by going early or late feb. This year will be no different.

We know all about the altitude... We learned the hard way when we dove straight into the brews during the super bowl on our first night in summit county. That set the stage for a pretty tough adjustment period.
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Originally Posted by JoeSchmoe View Post


Reno and Denver are International Airports with a good selection of direct flights from a good number of major cities.  And those flights are way less $ than the regional airports. On that note, all the Tahoe resorts and most of the Colorado resorts including Vail (via Denver) are way easier and cheaper to get to.  Banff has Calgary, Whistler has Vancouver, the BC interior has Kamloops and Kelowna most of which are direct from the rest of Canada, much of the US, and overseas.  Then there's Mammoth which is driveable from the huge population base in Southern California.  


As well, Steamboat doesn't seem to have the same reputation of an Aspen, Jackson Hole, or Big Sky... In fact, most of my buddies have never even heard of Steamboat before.  I guess the resort must know what they're doing though... they've been around a long time.

If you are driving from DIA to Summit County, it is only another hour or so to drive to Steamboat.  Or you can have it much better than Tahoe or Summit County by flying directly to Hayden, where you may have to pay a premium.



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Another hour? That's a pretty optimistic estimate. I suppose it depends on where you're going in Summit, but Steamboat is a solid 1.5 hours from Silverthorne on a sunny summer day (from my memory - Google says close to 2 hours). Throw in the possibility of snow, poor visibility and bad road conditions and it could be a lot longer. Going to Summit is a pretty straight shot down I-70 and you avoid stuff like Rabbit Ears.

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I drove from boulder to Steamboat in 2:45 in early March. It is 1:30 to Breck or Copper.

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2:45 SB to Boulder fine, but definitely not an hour from Silverthorne to SB.  It's a 90 mile trip... so if you're making that in an hour, kindergarten math says that's 90 mph the whole way, which means let me know when you're driving so I can make sure I'm not on the road at the same time.

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I won't second guess your time, but people in general do love to exaggerate what great time they made. Google Maps gives 3.5 hours for that trip, which is about what I remember to get to the airport from SB. If we use your 2:45, that's optimal conditions (no traffic, closures, weather, etc.),  at a fast, steady speed, by someone that's lived in Colorado all/most of his life (you grew up in the Steamboat area, if memory serves) and is very familiar with the roads. None of that applies to someone flying into the state, who may or may not have any comfort level driving in the mountains and who may or may not experience the same clear conditions. An hour is a faulty estimate.

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