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Volkl Kendos - Should I, should I not?

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Hello all!


First post on epicski ... I've been lurking for awhile now, but decided to post this question before making a purchase. I've been skiing for the last 4 seasons. After the recent season, I would say I'm about an advanced level skier now - about level 7(maybe 8) ... about 5'10, 163 pounds. I usually get in about 20 days a season. I've come to love bump runs, even though my current technique leaves more to be desired frown.gif I currently have a pair of novice skis (AC 7.4 unlimited golds) and after 2 seasons with them, I'm looking forward to buying a pair of big-boy skis.


I'm based in the east-coast (VT usually; Killington, Okemo, Mt. Snow), but probably will make 1 or 2 major trips out west per season. I demo-ed the Kendos while I was in Tahoe in March and I really enjoyed it. It really held well while edging on hardpack, and I was comfortable enough off-piste when the conditions were a little more unpredictable (slush, crud etc.). However, I understand that this ski (with it's stiffer flex) will not perform as well in deep powder ... and I'm fine with that, considering I ski primarily in the east coast.


My questions/concerns are mainly this ... is this a good ski to buy for my ability? Seeing as I'm looking to buy the Kendos as my primary ski, I feel as though I should demo a few more skis before making this decision. Would anyone recommend doing this? (and what skis would you recommend?) To be clear, I really loved my time riding the Kendos - I would've bought a pair if not for this nagging feeling of testing other skis before making this purchase! haha. The kendos are going for about 400 (w/o bindings) on ebay right now which is a perfect price range for me. I'm always trying to improve/refine my technique, and am wondering if the Kendos are conducive towards that?


Lastly, If I do get the Kendos, should I go for 170 or 177? (I demo-ed 170s) What difference would it make for someone of my ability/weight+height?


Thanks a lot!




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Welcome to Epic. There are a lot of good posts about the Kendo, and a number of actual reviews that compare it to other skis. Dawgcatching is a lighter reviewer who has talked about it. Suggest you do a search. As far as your abilities and so on, my sense is that Kendo will not flow through bumps like a twin or a ski with a bit softer tail, but it'll be OK. And it's not a powder ski, period. OTOH, it's said to be a great ice, crud, and variable snow ski (last lesson I took this year the instructor was on Kendos, loved them), which I can believe if it's a scaled down Mantra (owned a bunch of those). IMO since you already have demoed it and like it, that's a message. You might find another ski that's a slightly better fit for your size and mission - the Blizzard Bushwacker comes to mind - but 400 is a decent price for a Kendo. Size: Both would work. If the east is your primary playground, the 170. If you are more aiming at your western trips, the 177. It's a fairly stiff ski, so moving to the 177 from the 170 will change its feel and strengths for you. 

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Also consider the Volkl Bridge its a great ski. I think less stiff then the Kendo. Personally for all-mountain I really like the Rossi S3, Atomic Access and Lines Prophet series. With these skis you will be able to ski lots of different conditions and have a blast as well as ski them even while you skill improves. I don't think you could go wrong with a pair of Kendos or any other ski similar to them. I would say as for size nothing shorter then 170-175 and nothing longer then 180-185.  The shorter ski will feel slightly more nimble but the longer ski will feel more stable at speed and you will be able to ski it as you get better.


Hope this helps you in your search!!

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Kendo is a great ski. I've never skied the 170 but I have skied the 177 and 184 and bought the 184. I choose the 184 for its improved edge grip and stability at speed. Also a former racer so not really afraid of the longer length. I'm selling them now so shoot me a message if you are interested but sounds like you are looking for something shorter. I've gone 100% DPS and need to sell all of my other skis for next year.

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2013 Kendos will also have a rockered tip.

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