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Liasmarie - Changed home computers a few weeks ago, and browsers, and my old bookmarks are gone. Can you let me know your site name please.

I use a stairclimber to get (and sometimes to keep) in shape for skiing. Darn thing just broke on me for the second time, and I am looking for a replacement. Also want some ideas for other activities/exercises to do.

Any comments on stairclimbers vs elliptical trainers?? I generally prefer to work out at home, so that I can do it whenever I feel the urge. My work schedule bounces all over the place, so it's the only way I can be sure to get some regular workouts in.

Anyone aware of other consumerreview type sites for fitness equipment, or a zdnet type of site??

Lisamarie (and others) Thanks in advance. I always look forward to your posts, and really look forard to meeting you in Fernie.
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Hi Jimmy. Its http://www.lisafitness.com
Also http://www.ski-fitness.net

I pefer the elliptical . Its a much more natural motion than the stairmaster. Since I have always worked in gyms, I'm not aware of any sites that have consumer reviews of exercise equipment.

See you in Fernie!
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Thanks so much.
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