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Summer Backcountry Skiing in BC?

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I would like to do some spring/summer touring in BC, does anyone know of any glaciers or snowpacks that would be suitable? I'm close to Kelowna, so anywhere around there would be the best, but I'm willing to drive a bit. I've tried to find info on this, but can't find much, so any input would be great. Thanks.

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lots of snow still left on the coast -and Rockies. Locally Spearhead Traverse (Diamond Head -Whistler) has  good cover now - later in season you need bigger mountains and will need to travel on Glaciers but do you know how to traverse safely ?? If so there are a lot of options- both on the coast and in the Rockies. And individual peaks 10,000+ feet like Baker usually will have a good snow pack. Climbing Baker and skiing down is fun but only if you don't wind up in a crevasse. Don't go alone.

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Kelowna is about the furthest place in BC to summer skiing. The dry snowpack is no match for warm spring temps.


Of course there are several local patches left, and if your willing to hike for it, there are turns to be found all year long in the southern monashees. However, expect a long hike and arounda 1000 ft of vertical. 


The questions are how far do you want to drive? How much do you want to hike? and what type of skiing are you expecting?


Google Earth is an excellent tool. A sled/ATV/bike will help with access.


When the season is getting late, you could head up to Revelstoke/Rogers pass, but Baker is only an hr further and has the better summer skiing. 

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follow up to this. Again be careful on descent at Baker if/when you do it. Last I heard a couple of days ago they are still trying to recover the body of a skier who made one mistake  last weekend  

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here are a couple of photos i thought i already posted - summit and (hard to see) tracks above a small crevasse on Coleman glacier route. baker 088.jpgbaker 081.jpg

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sweet, thanks for the input canuk and surface! Will have to check out those places, even though time has not been on my side lately..,

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