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Product:     2011-2012 K2 Aftershock


Length Tested:  174 and 181.  181 is the right choice for me, at upper forehead height.

Dimensions/Turn Radius:    130-86-114  19M radius in the 181

Camber:   Plenty of camber with K2's "All-Terrain" Rocker which amounts to modest tip rocker and conventional tail.

Binding:   Both demo and the K2 14 DIN system binding on my pair

Mount point:   K2's suggested mount point.


Environment & Conditions:


Location of Test:   Steamboat, second week of March 2012

Number of Runs:  Skied it two full days

Snow Conditions:   A little bit of everything,  Some good pow, cut-up, bumps, wet pow and groomers

Demo or Own:  Own.  I just snagged a pair at a great end of year price.


Tester Info:


Username:   gregmerz

Age:    52

Height/Weight:   6'2"  230 during the winter

Ski Days/Season:   Average about 35

Years Skiing:   20 years with a long gap away from the sport (turn the clocks back please so I can re-think that mistake).

Aggressiveness:   Moderate with continually improving aggressiveness in the trees and steeper terrain.

Current Quiver:   Bilzzard Magnesium SLR,  Blizzard Bonafide, K2 Aftershock

Home Area:   Buck Hill in the midst of the hard snow world

Preferred Terrain:  Off-Piste, trees and given where I live, I've learned to enjoy the groomers.



The Aftershock was largely panned by most of the review sources thinking that it didn't stand up to some of the top shelf product that debuted this past season.  In two days, I took it just about everywhere at Steamboat.  The tip engages quickly on the groomers and I found no speed limit (disclaimer:  I'm not one that goes looking for Mach 2 on the mountain.)  I found it energetic but compliant in the bumps and adequate for an 86mm ski in powder.  This was a ski that you kind of forgot that you were clicked into.  I just went where I wanted and it cooperated and facilitated in every way.  Just plain FUN.


Build quality is great.  This ski is coming back unchanged (topsheets excluded of course) for 2012-2013.


I'm sure there are plenty of skiers who hang here that could easily overpower the Aftershock but for a confident intermediate and/or aspiring advanced skier I think it's a great ride.