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Touring setup for my old man

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Finally might have my dad talked into doing a few tours w/ me next year. Looking for a light setup for him. He's 60yrs old 5'10" 165 and in great shape but worries about his knees (even though he hasn't had any problems yet). He likes a stable ski w/ a shorter turning radius. He's currently on the Volkl ac50's in the 163 or 170. It'd be a plus if they work w/ alpine boots since he's not sure if he'll stick with it/if he's too old. Let me know if you guys have anything used you want to offload or suggestions of what he should go with. Maybe something like a 171 voile charger w/ marker tours or something? 

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Light? Volkl Nanuq w/ Dynafit bindings.

And too old?!? For crissake, I'm 60.

Me last week:
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I didn't say he was too old, he thinks he is. I've been trying to convince him otherwise. Only problem w/ dynafits means new boots and more expensive bindings. Not sure if he's willing to front that much money to get started. I don't want him to start out w/ a heavy set up and alpine boots then end up disliking it even though it could get much better. So what say you, shut up and get the dynafits and new (to him at least) boots? 

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Which is more important - light or $$?


If it goes well (and there's a better chance of that w/ the set up I mentioned), he won't care how much he spent.  


Unfortunately the cheaper bindings are heavier.  But if you want to save bucks, go Fritschi...but touring in alpine boots is less than desirable.  Possible, but not desirable.  If he goes the cheap route there's a better chance he'll hate it.  Conundrum, no?  

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Indeed. He's willing to spend plenty on resort skiing but seems reluctant for this. We'll see if I can convince him. Hopefully I can come across something cheap over the summer.

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177 REX w/small FF and Ascension Clip fix skins cut to fit.  All in excellent condition $300/shipped.

Mounted for a 305mm and could probably adjust up to a 310-312mm?

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