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Colorado or Utah lift ticket restricted to beginner's lifts

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I have skied at resorts in other states that sell lift tickets, at a substantial discount, that only allow access to the beginners area. Spread over 10 - 12 days, that can be enough of a savings to seriously influence our destination. Are there any areas in Colorado or Utah that offer this type of ticket?

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Yes Colorado does have resorts that do this. but the terrain is very limited to true beginner slopes and possibly one lift only. Not suitable for anyone beyond a few days of skiing unless you are going with very young kids.


Two I know of are Mary Jane (Winter Park) and Wolf Creek 



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I seem to recall that Buttermilk and Snowmass at Aspen had this. There is currently nothing on their website, and the lifts involved didn't amount to much.


Alta has a $38 ticket for a rather extensive beginner area, compared to $72 for the complete mountain. Snowbird has a $20 ticket for their small beginner lift, which, again, doesn't amount to much.


In Idaho, Sun Valley has a beginner/teaching mountain (Dollar) separate from the main mountain (Baldy) with significantly ;less expensiove lift tickets.

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The beginner lift at Vail (Gopher Hill Lift?) was free a few years ago.  It's a pretty short run, but not bad for someone who is a true beginner.  I'm personally a sucker for free stuff, so I keep going back just so I could use the free lift.

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Snowbasin has two choices as of 2012 season:


Littlecat lift only: $23
Littlecat / Becker Lift (Intermediate Lift Ticket): $38



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Alta has a few options that are good for beginners.  More geared to kids than beginner adults.  In addition to the $38 day ticket, there is also a $10 ticket after 3pm.  Locals use that when getting their kids started.  What may be a bit unusual is that the beginner area also include short runs that are steep enough to be rated blue or black . . . especially when covered with deep powder, as in 12+ inches.  Ski school uses those areas to introduce intermediate kids to the powder before taking them higher up.


For kids who are just getting started, families that stay at a lodges at Alta can use the access slope for free practice.  Or sledding in the late afternoon or evening.  Kids 12 and under are $33/day once you have a re-load card.  Added safety bars for the 2011-12 season with posts so little ones can't slip out.


Looks like Snowbasin has two options, one beginner $23 and one beginner/intermediate $38, half-day possible too.  The Becker chair includes blue and black runs.


Brighton has Adult Learner for $35. Kids 8-12 are $29 and 7 and under are free.

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The Pitchfork lift at Copper is free. In effect, anyway ... I think you are supposed to buy a $5 ticket, or something, but in 6? years of taking it, I've never been checked, or seen anyone check. (We take it almost every morning we ski, to get up to the higher lifts.) 


Here it is



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loveland and abasin beginner lift tickets are $17 and $25 respectively.


also loveland has a beginner 3 class pass where you pay for 3 lessons and get a free season pass. they have a separate learning area in the valley which is nice. the season pass would also include 3 days at monarch.

my wife did it this past year.

you could also get loveland 4 packs of fully transferrable tickets via internet which works out to be $30 day.

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Breck has a reduced ticket price for those taking beginner lessons. The ticket only allows you to use lifts accessing beginner terrain (which is quite extensive at Breck). I don't think you can purchase this lift ticket without also purchasing a lesson, but you can use it without being in a lesson. Instructors may take classes with these lift tickets to higher lifts only in the afternoon.
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