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gotcha' that bone can be very sore for sometime. The doc should be able to modify that brace to accomodate the bone.


Pictures: just e-mail them to yourself, and then save to your desktop

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I have managaed to get the photos on here!


Its 2 weeks today that i had it done, walking fine with no crutches and heading to first physio sesh tomo.


This is my staples, and having bandages changed on day 6.



This is day 11 after staples have been taken out ...



Looks like a flabby knee that someone has been drawing on!

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Looks good! Have you been doing at home rehab? Most start rehab in the US within a few days or a week.

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Heah been doing static quads and hamstrings, and flexing to 90.  have a bit of a niggle pain at the back and on the outside of my knee today but otherwise its fine.  using a brace for going out and about (which i haven't really been doing!) but otherwise just a tubigrip to help with swelling and give a little support.  Walking accross the shallow end of a pool makes it feel really good aswell.

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I'm impressed you're standing on it with no brace. I am way too chicken to do that until my PT gives me the go-ahead (which is funny because I tossed aside the crutches as soon as I was allowed to bear any weight on the leg).

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