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Advice on choosing bindings

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So I just bought some new skis. The skis are 184cm Moment Bibby pros. The reason I'm making this thread is that I need bindings for them. I'm not really in a rush considering I have all summer and fall to find some bindings but I want to start my search now when there is still stuff on sale. Im 18 years old and I live on the east coast and I would say I am an advanced skier. I am looking for something that I could maybe use for touring. A couple binding systems I was looking at were the Marker Baron and the MFD all-time systems. I'm not really looking at the Duke because I'm not the biggest guy( only 5 11 165lbs) 


So if any of you guys would care to share your expertise and maybe point me in the right direction as far as AT bindings I would really appreciate it!



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With the options coming out with Salomon, Head, Atomic, and changes in the Marker Duke, you have more options in this line up that previously.  There are some threads on the topic, starting here. 

Salomon Guardian/atomic Tracker vs. Tyrolia Adrenelin (and whatever fischer is calling theirs..)

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You might do some searching here and TGR as there have been quite a number of discussions on this topic (in addition to the one TC just linked to).


I have chatted with a couple of people who have installed MFD plates and the reaction is consistent - too heavy once you add on your favorite alpine binding. You should look up the weights/specs on all of these sorts of things and see where you think your limits are.


The Baron is not perfect, but it may well do what you want. Brakes are available out to 132...

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I agree on the Baron over the Duke. You'll save money and weight and the Baron will be plenty of binding for you. You should also check out the Fritschi Eagle, Black Diamond's lighter version of the Freeride Pro. Same idea save money and weight.

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IIRC Bibbys are not a featherweight touring ski. It all depends on your definition of aggressiveness. A friend has Barons and he complains that they developed play. I can see play when the boot is not engaged in his Barons, when the boot gets in there is no play. My Dukes are still solid. I broke them once but they have not developed play yet. Do not put Fritschis on BibbyPros under any circumstances. Burly ski+wimpy binding+18yo driver= trouble.
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Thanks for all the help guys!


I'm thinking either the Baron or Duke. The Baron probably would be enough binding for me now, however, if in the next couple years I put on more weight( I want to start working out and training for skiing) do you guys think I should just get the Dukes now? Also is there a really a big difference in the weight of the bindings? And will I be happier having the sturdier Duke regardless of extra weight? My Uncle who lives in VT has a pair of Dukes mounted on some Karhu skis and he loves them and has not complained about any weight issues while touring. 


Thanks again for your help and taking the time to respond to my thread!!

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If i where to get the Duke should I try and pick up a pair on sale now or wait until the new 2013 version comes out? I think Backcountry.com has the Duke on sale for 350 right now. Also will the 110mm wide brakes fit my Bibby pros?? 


Thanks again!!

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