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Eva's Paleo Adventure

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Eva is a serious Crossfitter.  She was a former US Olympian, I believe she was at the Norway Olympics - recently inducted into the hall of fame.  She is awesome!

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Here is a little tidbit on dairy

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Wife copied that article for me.  Must think that I am getting off course with my Paleo life.

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I have had the fortune of being trained by Eva. She turned me onto weight lifting with free weights and a switch to the Paleo or caveman diet. I'm 61 going on 35 now. I made the changes 4 years ago. The change in my health was incredible. I was able to get rid of all kinds of prescriptions for asthma, cholesterol, clinical depression, sleep problems. They were all brought on by eating the wrong foods mostly grains. I've lost a lot weight and my blood pressure has gone way down. The weight lifting program she got me going on is Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. I lift weights every 2 to 3 days interspersed with some mt bike riding. I spent years going going to a gym with all the fancy machines that in truth turned out to be one step up from worthless. I even had a Skier's Edge machine for a while. The free weights and diet change have produced truly outrageous results. Think outside the box.

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Wow!  Way to go.  It really does the trick.  Puts the finishing touch on getting in shape.


We see improvements like this often at Crossfit.  You are lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Eva.

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Not a Paleo adherent myself, but thought this was an interesting read in terms of what is sort of a Paleo approach to DOG -- yes, not human, canine, so it is a bit of a detour -- nutrition for mushing and some types of hunting that are endurance sports,,,8,620 .


Dogs arguably haven't had the same time to evolve to deal with modern diets that humans have, and obviously also are a different species and have different metabolisms, etc., but it is still interesting how dog nutrition has sort of come full circle, at least for those with meaningful endurance needs.

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