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Freeskier Angeli VanLaanen needs your help - LymeLight

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"The most powerful solution to a problem is action. In sharing my story around the world, I will shed light on living with Lyme Disease and help create a supportive environment for those battling this illness. With understanding comes compassion, and having compassion from those around us inspires personal strength. I want to empower others to be strong through hard times." Angeli VanLaanen

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I have a friend who has/had Lyme Disease.  I believe it was caught early and no longer an issue.  I should touch base and catch up.  

Its definitely something I was concerned with when I was mt bike riding in Michigan. 

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I have a couple of friends with Lyme. Its bad news if you do not catch it early. Heres the crazy thing - there is a vaccine but you cannot get it.



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We have one friend whose life has pretty much permanently ground to a stop because of Lyme that was not caught for four years, and another who was originally diagnosed with a brain tumor before someone finally did a blood test. It's predicted to be worse than usual this season back east. And the link is right; only about a third of new infections produce the "bull's eye." Be careful out there...

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Both me and wife have had it. It took her over a year to get rid of it. My dog suffered from it as well from reoccuring spiking levels (very hard to control once it gets into the nervous system)


Word of caution; most local general family doctors do not know how to properly test and treat!  First doctor told my wife she was fine after initial 3 weeks dose, she still felt horrible and was experiencing dizzyness, loss of memory, lethargy and some loss in muscle control.  Once we went to a doctor that specializes in lyme treatment  (dr Eugene Eskow), he quickly determined she had a very stubborn case.  The ISDA protocols are not up to date. Many different strains are now out there.  The vast majority of Lyme specific doctors will not take insurance as they will only permit standard treatment and will not cover more extensive blood tests and medicines prescribed.






http://lymemd.blogspot.com/2008/06/who-are-lyme-specialists.html  explains why you need to be careful

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Finn, these links do not seem a source of recommendations for docs who specialize. Is there a directory? My friend who needed four years for a correct diagnosis (only came because she went into a coma while traveling) says she suspected it within a few months, but the biggest issue was finding a doctor who would stray from outdated testing models.

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