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Volkl alley or correupt lunatic

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So recently i have been searching for a good rail and box ski and i have ended with these two. I have picked these because they were the lowest price (, because my budget isnt that big.

What i am searching for here is, like i said, a box and rail ski that you can butter with easely and that still handels well/decent on normal slopes.

Pleas tell me which one of the two ski´s in the title is best for my demands. If you have other suggestions for ski´s pleas tell me (:


sory for my english because it aint that good and pleas dont use hard terms in this threat because i dont really know a lot of them :p

oh and sory if this threat is in the wrong categorie because it is my first threat and i didnt know where to put it lol.

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CoreUPT Dirty Bastard will beat both on rails / boxes. It also won't get anywhere near as beat up by rails as it's got titanium plates built in to support the sidewall. Still works well on slopes, though I presume the other two you've got picked out also do. 

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thanks for the quick reaction. I have got another question though: So a titanium sidewall really helps increasing the durability if you want to do rails an boxes? Because i figured that the volkl alley ski doesnt seems to have that technology and the lunatic does have it but i am not quit sure about that maybe you can tell me more about that. 

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As far as I'm aware the Lunatic doesn't have the extra titanium plates between edge and sidewall. Depending on your weight and skill the Alley may be completely wrong for you because it's been designed for kids. 

The Dirty Bastard is CoreUPT's Rail ski, the Lunatic is not. They're both good park skis, but the Dirty Bastards were designed specifically for Rails & Boxes. 


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ok thanks i think i will just buy the dirty bastard than because i really looking for a rail and box ski, thanks for the help, and if you have other suggestions, pleas tell (:

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There may be some stock left over.  But you do know that Coreupt declared bankruptcy?  I wouldn't count on any new skis hitting the shelves next year.

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CoreUPT themselves are out of Dirty Bastards, http://www.sport-conrad.com/ may have some left.


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oh, well they have 1 dirty bastard left but it doesnt seems to be my size (175 to 183) so i think i go for the lunatic because that is the only one that is cheap and isnt made for kids (volkl (;. I am still a beginner though.


thanks for the info guys, btw if you might find a site that sells the dirty bastard in my size and sells it in the Netherlands i would greatly appreciate it if you would tell me. (:

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