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Head i.SL CP 13

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Is this a good slalom ski? I have got a great deal on one but I dont have the possibility to test it first. Im 190cm tall and the skiis would be 165 or 170. Witch length would be better? Im not going to race on the ski professionally, just need a modern carving ski to teach on in small and medium slopes. I really liked the Atomic SL11.
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Yes this is a great ski. I ski 170cm as an all mountain ski but I'm 6' tall, 190lb. They require a little more input than many slalom skis but are more much stable and have virtually no speed limit. I love them, but then I only ski one speed - fast. They are a slalom ski though and yet will carve any shape turn. At my weight, on a small mountain I would ski a 165cm. If you you are looking for something for twitchy fast turns then look at 155-160cm.
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