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Afterbang help

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Hi. ive snowboarded for 4 years and just got my first pair of skis. It looks so much funner. I live in michigan so I dont ride anything hudge. I was wondering if the 2012 line afterbangs will not be good for crusing around. I still would like to be in the park alot to. Ive got a crazy deal on them so I picked them up and now im wondering if it was a bad move.

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You should post this in the ski gear discussion section of the website, Ryan.

Welcome to EpicSki, too. Where do you ski in Michigan?
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Terrible ski overall, good to bash the shit out of, don't expect them to last long.

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Yea they only need to be used less than 20 times. How about look px12 jib bindings?

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I Will. Didint notice that section. Mostly pine knob and boyne. Hoping to get out west this year tho.

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