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G'day. As part of Jane's Walk 2012, a group of local cycling activists led a tour of laneways/alleyways in our municipal ward. We had a perfect afternoon for it and I managed to get some nice pics.


I wrote a small piece for local cycling magazine, Dandyhorse, that's on their BLOG:


Below, I've attached some of the images we didn't use for the article.



Wile E. Coyote, genius

1. Wile E. Coyote, genius



Tonka toys too!

2. A Tonka truck in the Queen St W laneway.



Our mayor is a popular graffiti subject.

3. Spot Toronto mayor Rob Ford.



We nicknamed this bike the "Schoolbus".

4. The "Schoolbus". Typical cruiser for flatland errand-running. And a niece piece of art in the background too!


Humpty Dumpty.

5. I reckon this is a work in progress. 


Black and White.

6. My personal favorite. The lack of colour makes it even more stark.


My bike.

7. My ride - not as comfy as the schoolbus but two of these weight less than one of hers - and it'll go faster.


While very similar to Chicago, we aren't as big and don't have anywhere near the quality of architecture on offer in Chi-town. Still, there's some interesting pockets in the city and it's getting better.