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So I just got back from my second yearly trip to Moab and it really is one of my favorite places. In my opinion it is a mecca for pretty much any outdoor event that doesn't involve snow. This trip was a celebration of completing finals and for many of us our last year Academy.


Not sure if I should put this here or in the TR threads but with ski season being over I thought I would document a different kind of trip then the usual.


Well to start things off we stayed at the big bend campground off of 128. It's about 8 miles outside of The town. This was the view from our campsite and I can't say views get much better.




The first thing we did was go rock climbing. Moab has some spectacular crack climbs but they all require traditional climbing which none of our group does. Luckily we met a local who wanted to help us out and set up some climbs for us. Here is one of them:



After finishing out some spectacular climbing it was time to go take rubi (my jeep) for some off roading. We had just started the actual trail when all of a sudden there was terrible clanging sound under rubi. She had broken an axle:



Fortunately we were able to limp the jeep out and got here repaired the next morning. Although I would have rather not broken the axle I used it as an opportunity to upgrade and Rubi is better than ever. After climbing while Rubi was being fixed we headed over to one of Moab's most famous trails, Hell's Revenge. One of the optional obstacles on the trail is known as Hell's Gate and is perhaps Moab's most famous single obstacle and is known for its ability to roll vehicles. I chose to skip it last year but decided to take it on this time. Rubi climbed  it like a champ. 






This may be my favorite shot from the day. It is amazing what a stock jeep is capable of and with a bit of careful wheel placement we got my friends stock TJ through the trail as well minus the Hell's Gate obstacle.



The last day we did some floating down the Colorado river and one last off roading trail called Top of the World. The trail ends in a cliff that's about 1300 feet tall. It has a sweet outcropping you can drive onto for pictures:




On the way out we made the customary stop at delicate arch and made our way back to Colorado. It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back again. Anyone else been out there?

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We just drove through Moab last week and we were soo tempted to take the bikes off to do some riding but we were running behind.

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Nice Trip report! You did so much and saw so far ---->

Love it!


(Did you know Moab has meeting rooms? Come mix business with pleasure next time.)

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Eric Bjornstadt donated his early climbing gear to the Moab Museum on Center Street. He has several climbing guides that he wrote for around Moab.

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I love Moab. It is the number one reason to not buy a Subaru for your ski car biggrin.gif

Get some lift on that thing.
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Kudos first. Congratulations Lt. Lonewolf210.  Hope that your career is everything you have anticipated.  Now on to the fun stuff.  Moab is an amazing place and your pictures are really impressive.  That place is the crown jewel of playing in the rocks.


I've been working up in Northeastern Utah since last summer and kept hearing about some other places.  Well had a week between 2 projects so went out and played tourist.  Here are just a couple of Non-Wasatch pictures from last week.  These three places are so worth seeing.  

Red Canyon Rim Trail.jpg

Red Rock Canyon in Flaming Gorge National Recreation area.  Got to look down on Golden Eagles soaring.

2012-05-11 11.00.21.jpg

Same place below the dam on the Green River.  Amazing fishing here, and easy access.

great hunt panel.jpg

Nine Mile Canyon; The Great Hunt Panel.  You can sit 6' away from this 1000 year old world treasure by yourself.  If you ever go here get there through Price NOT from US 40.

great hunt story.jpg

Sorry for the picture quality, it is the best I could do with the cell phone.  Art of this nature is all over this canyon.  People have been there a long time.

Millers Flats.jpg

This actually is in the Wasatch about 150 miles South of the Cottonwood Canyons a few miles off of Hwy 31, check out Skyline Drive in that area if you are ever there.

above Huntington creek.jpg

The mountains above Left Fork of Huntington Creek in the same area.  A great day hike and even better fly fishing.  Just one more blue ribbon stream with nobody there.


Okay, back to Moab.  End of hijack2.gif

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The Moab area is fabulous and I look forward to getting back one of these summers.


Thank you for posting the pictures and  bringing back many great memories.

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Totally jealous of the Moab trip. I grew up off-roading in the Sonoran desert and would love to try something like Moab. Your pics make me want to do it even more!

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aweseome!  Great pictures.  Looks like an amazing place for just about anything.

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I have one more photo to share with you guys from yesterday:



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