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Knee roll for moguls

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Here's a video of a knee roll technique in moguls. Detail view at 0:45-1:05 all
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Beeru nomihodai-suka? Oi, mina, nomo!

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Pull 'em up and back, push 'em down and forward, repeat in a figure eight pattern. More like symbol for infinity actually.

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What he said, I think, maybe, or maybe not.

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What this skier is doing is putting his body in a position of a good skier without using the skis. The skis wait to hit the bottom of the mogul to turn. Rather than the skier applying edge angle, bending the skis into reverse camber and let the ski put the skier into the position of creating angles.


Mogul specific technique the skis do little but the skier puts his body into the skiing position without using the ski.

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Originally Posted by cvj View Post

Biggest air, fastest time and some of the best turns using the knee role and fore & aft. Keeping the tips down so they start the turn and ends the turn on the tails right back up to the front.@ 34 seconds 2nd run skier stands up over the skis but no back pedaling. Real Freestyle Skiing going for it. Downhill ski to downhill ski.

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Knee roll? Fore and Aft? Well, ok. It's certainly not robotic mogul skiing. I tried to do the robot on the dance floor once. It kinda looked like this:

SN1.jpg - knee roll technique?

then this:

SN2.jpg - knee roll technique



Is that what you meant by standing up over the skis?

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Yea that's it Rusty. Good observation.

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Figures that an instructor would pick out the worst turns the skier makes rather than the best ones. Coaching the best things the skier does would to me make more of an impact on the skier and help them progress by positive input.

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Originally Posted by cvj View Post

@ 34 seconds 2nd run skier stands up over the skis but no back pedaling. 

Well, I would have just said this is good fast zipperline skiing with some nice examples of throwing the skis sideways (as opposed to shaping) for bleeding off excess speed. I also see some nice examples of kicking off the sides of moguls vs always going over the top and how maintaining ski to snow contact is not as important when kicking off the side vs going over the top. I would have just observed that the second run showed the skier being late on the turns after landing the jump, getting caught out of position (back vs up) and then recovering, but you said "stand up". To my eye that description was inaccurate. So I wanted to make sure that was what you were talking about. Would a competitor lose turn points for those turns?


I've never competed in bumps but I have impersonated a bump skier once or twice. Knee roll does not do a lot for me as identifying an important tactic or technique for bump skiing. If this clip is an example of knee roll and it helps other people, then there's no need to back peddle.

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This guy has posted two more instructional videos.  Here's one focusing on keeping the torso upright.  He first demonstrates the wrong way to do bumps, folding at the waist.  Then he demos standing up, holding the chest so it points outward, and looking ahead.


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...and here's his third.  This one focuses on angulation.


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