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Ah crap

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I had a complete tear of the quad tendon about 8 years ago. I had surgery the next morning and after months of hell and taking my physio's name in vain ( actually she was wonderful and a fantastic help) I made a complete recovery. So hang in there people. There is a happy ending to this hell you are going through.

Now, here is the ah crap part, I have torn the same knee again. Partial tear this time. Looks like I may be part of this happy group again. I know this group was a great support before. So please don't take this personal, but hoped never to be back here.
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Well, you nailed it.  You're in good company here, in fact, you can check out the video footage in Finndog's thread in the TR section. Heal well!

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I suppose like any injury, until you have been through it, you don't know what it is like.  And this injury is a very painful injury that takes a lot of work to come back from.  What I found through experience is that it is a long road back and your physio when you find a good one will become a new best friend.  I know mine told me right from the start that it is a painful recovery and I was given the option of hurting now, or paying for it for years.  My choice.  So I opted for the pay now.  I am glad I did.  I was able to make a complete recovery and my injured leg was actually better after the recovery than it ever was. But it was a lot of hard work to come back.  But also a big partof the recovery was the support of this group.  You all know what each of us is going through and are there to provide support, encouragement, and understanding of what everyone in here is going through.  Also it is nice to hear from those who are further into the recovery process that they are progressing at a normal pace and there is light at the end of the tunnel and what to expect in the days, weeks and months that lie ahead  Thanks everyone for that.  I appreciate it.


So this time, I got away with a minor tear and not a complete tear like the first time.  I tore just part of the tendon and some scar tissue from the first injury.  So no surgery yet.  Back to physio and will reassess in a month to see if it is healing on it's own.  I had forgotten how painful this injury is, so I feel the pain of everyone in here and hope your pain is better soon.  Until then, contrary to what we tell young people, just say yes to drugs (the legal kind).

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Life keeps getting better. I was doing so much compensating when I walked to protect my quad tendon I was putting strain on the rest of my leg. Then I heard snap and intense pain. My quad tendon was not impacted this time. But I tore the Achilles tendon on the same leg. This should be an interesting recovery. Recover from a quad and Achilles tendon tear at the same time. Did I say ah crap ?
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Gutted for you , can't imagine how that must feel to have 2 to deal with.  Hang in there!  Don't know much about achillles injuries apart from its a long time to heal so keep positive if you can and it will get there I know people back skiing after it and they have all made full recoveries.  Bon Courage!

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