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FS: Marker 20.0, DIN 11-20 Bindings

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These are in perfect mechanical shape. Bench tested in January, and not used this season. These were used for a couple of seasons, on a pair of race skis, and have limited use. They do have scrapes on the painted surfaces as all used metal Marker race bindings tend to have. The brakes and brake surfaces are also perfect. I think these are about as good as they get in terms of used condition. My daughter just has more of these than she needs. 


$135, shipped anywhere in the US. PayPal is fine.


PM me with questions, for details or more info. Thanks.














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I'm sort of surprised this is still here. 

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I'm sort of not surprised there aren't so many guys out there, willing to watch their lower leg, buckled into their boot and held securely to a ski by a 20 din binding, while it comes flying up and smacks them upside the head.

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Gnarls, the bindings have a specific purpose, and nobody skis a Marker 20.0 at a 20 DIN. They make a 30.0 if you want that option. My daughter has been using this exact binding design for 6 years, since switching ski companies. I ski them on a couple of my pairs, set at about 14, which tests closer to 12. She's normally in that range, too. Most familiar with the binding feel that it's a much "better" binding than the all plastic version. They have a solid feel, and a nice heavy clunk when you click in. They've worked for us. I'm kind of surprised, too, that nobody can use them. I had priced them as a good deal for somebody, I thought.

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Muleski, this is the best of the Marker race bindings IMHO and I have not had any issues with these on a race ski.  However, despite this,.    I have always found them much harder to sell than the 16.0s   GLWS

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I'll take em, PM sent.
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SOLD!!  Thanks to KeepCold and to ES, as always!!

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