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Icelantic Pilgrim for Eastern skier?

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Long time reader, first post.  I'm looking for advice on a new ski purchase.  My previous ski was a Nordica Nitrous in a 170 which I rode for 4 seasons.  They were okay, but I felt they were too short.   I have also gotten addicted to tree skiing and would like a ski that is more suited to off trail.  Even when on trail I prefer bumps over high speed cruising.  This will be my only ski for now, so I would like it to be tolerable on typical Eastern hardpack.


31 years old male, 5'10" and 165 lbs.

Ski mostly Jay Peak, Sugarbush and Sunday River.

Terrain preference: Trees, bumps


Skis considering: Icelantic Pilgrim  179 or 169

                          Line Prophet 90  179


I have read a lot about the Prophet 90 and it seems to be well liked.  However, there is not a lot on the Pilgrim and since it has similar dimensions, I was wondering how it compares.  I really like that the Pilgrim is American made.


Anyone skied the Pilgrim or both and can provide advice on which of these skis might work better for me?  Also what length?


Thank you!

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In my opinion, the only real similiarity between these two skis is the waist width. The Prophet gets a sheet of metal, camber under foot and early rise in the tip. The metal and early rise make make the Prophet a much better "crud" and "powder" ski. For 90mm under foot, they are both relatively quick edge to edge.

IMHO, they both compromise skis. No one ski is going to do everything really great. A ski which is quick and floaty in the trees probably isn't going to like pounding bumps. But, if you can only own one pair, the prophet 90 is a good choice. If you want to gain some forgiveness and bump performance, but give up crud and stability at speed, the Pilgrim or even the Line Flite may be what you want.
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lots of past reviews on the Pil its a great ski, not as stiff as the Line. Lots of fun. Its not a icy hardback ski but you cold put a 3:1 on it and it will have more grip.  Just make sure you have them professionally tuned and pay special attention to the base; have the shop base grind if you buy form them as they are notoriously edge high.  Length wise, go with the 179; its really ore like a 176 and it's a twin.  the 169 is fun but it gives up stability. 

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Thank you for your replies.


I am not expecting to find one ski that can do everything great, so if I am placing emphasis on off trail and bumps, is the Pilgrim going to provide better performance in that kind of terrain over the Prophet 90?


Sounds like the Prophet 90 is better in crud, powder and is more stable at speed.


Also, Finndog, by "edge high" are you saying that the bases on Icelantic skis are not flat when they come out of the factory?

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