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Top sheet & side damage...

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So I somehow managed to gouge into my top sheet and side wall, I assume it was my other edge that did the damage. 

I've got absolutely not clue as to whether this could cause problems for the ski and what I would do to fix it, so any help is very appreciated...



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I would think it could only cause problems if water got in there and saturated the wood core. What I would do is:


Bring it to a really good shop OR, if I was in a DIY mode:


Cut away and smooth out any bits or pieces sticking out that could catch on anything but don't make the whole area smooth - the damage being concave is OK, protruding is not OK


Coat the area with a number of thin layers of epoxy to seal the hole


Make sure your sidewall plane is fairly smooth, do some light filing if needed


Check your repair  during the ski season (every ski day) to make sure the hole is covered, repeat repair if necessary.

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There are gelcoat/fiberglass  boat repair kits available at any marine supply store. included are dye colors so you can color the repair material to match the ski. I did this on the top edge of a pair of Atomic R11 Beta Puls, which were a maetallic brown. Worked great and is hardly noticable.

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Cheers guys, I was going past my local shop yesterday so I dropped the ski off there. However, the boat fiberglass repair kits sound interesting, will have to try and get my hands on some of that stuff.

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